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Condominium Tower Proposal : Architecture

Danish Research Project design by JDS Architects

post updated 3 May 2021 ; 19 Jan 2008

Condominium Tower Design

Design: JDS, architects

Contemporary Danish Condo Tower Proposal:

Condominium Tower
image from architects

Modern urbanity suggested we live in large scale buildings surrounded by parks. The 20th century dense urbanisation proved that postulate to be impossible and undesirable.

The quantifiable qualities of light, air and views were weakened by the lack of social interaction the urban space offered. Instead the city developed densely pressing the public spaces away.
Space consumption necessity created dense urban settings devoid of parks.

In today´s urban congestion, can towers answer both the need of spaces to live in and the possibility to enjoy outdoor qualities?
We propose to redistribute the park program into the building program, re-enacting the suburban ideal of the single family house flanked by its garden into the very core of our densest centres.

We propose to add parks to the DNA of tomorrow’s living and working towers!

Project: Condominium Towers With Parks
Location: Open For Grasp
Size: Various, Case Of 34,000 M2
Type: Research
Status: On-going
Collaborators: Arup, Moe Og Brødsgaard A/s

Project Team:
Julien De Smedt, Charlotte Truwant, Alf Lassen Nielsen, Andy Vann, Federico Pedrini, Josué Gillet, Rasmus Brusgaard Hansen
Taku Nagamatsu, Therése Wallström

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Condominium Tower Information from Julien De Smedt Architects 190108

Condominium Park Tower : Julien De Smedt Architects

Location: Denmark, northern Europe

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