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Black Sun in Rømø Habour

Danish Contemporary Buildings by Arkitema Architects

3 Jul 2014

Black Sun in Rømø Habour

Design: Arkitema, architects

Black Sun in Rømø Habour

The settlement “Sort Sol” takes its scenic, unique surroundings as its starting point.
In order to protect the area against surges the settlement is built on pills. That way, the landscape drifts undisturbed beneath the houses. The design of “Black Sun” is based on the strong and sometimes violent nature it is located in the middle of.

Black Sun

The ground floor is primary used for arrival and parking. The private life of the residents unfolds on the upper floors and on the roof top. Here they can be sheltered from the harsh winds and create their own private oasis. Thus, each unit operates as a single dwelling.

Black Sun

Throughout the settlement, the homes are placed so that each property achieves the best possible orientation towards the sun and the view. With their distinctive design the houses give the area a strong identity with respect for the characteristic tidal landscape. The residents feel like they are living amidst nature with views of the sea, the flat land and the sky.

Black Sun

The settlement appears with an expression and a simplicity that characterize tidal culture. The materials combine grey concrete and black-painted, wooden paneling. The atmosphere on the main street can be compared to the fishing village, with its idyllic streets where the locals and the tourists meet.

Black Sun

In the main street shopping and café visits are combined with nature. To the south the settlement forms a boundary to a new public promenade. Here the North Sea reveals itself and you sense the smell of salt and the wind in your hair.

Black Sun

Black Sun in Rømø Habour – Building Information

Address: Rømø Habour, Havneby
Extent: 60 residential and commercial leases..
Construction: 2008
Client: Kuben
Architect: Architects Arkitema
Landscape: Arkitema Urban Design
Engineer: Grontmij
Total Construction: Jakobsen & Blind Source A / S

Black Sun in Rømø Habour images / information from Arkitema


Location:Rømø Habour, Havneby, Denmark

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