Cafe Konvikt Interior in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Cafe Konvikt Interior, Olomouc Bistro, Czech Republic Architecture Photos, Building Redesign

Cafe Konvikt Interior in Olomouc

New Bar Interior Architecture in the Czech Republic – design by Denisa Strmiskova Studio

11 Dec 2019

Cafe Konvikt

Design: Denisa Strmiskova Studio

Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

The Cafe Konvikt is located next to former Baroque chapel in Jesuit convict in Olomouc. The word convict is symptomatically derived from latin word convicere, which means “to live in a community”. The Corpus Christi Chapel was used during the 17th century by Jesuits, who were known both for their missions into exotic sites and for their extraordinary high level of education. Based on that, elements in the café combines Baroque religious mystique with secular order and knowledge. Essential shape of interior inhabits domed space full of light.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Under the dome was embedded an inner floor, which can be seen as metaphor of tree. Continuing this metaphor, bottom layer of cafe is a solid ground or phyla, conducted in earthy tones. The inner floor itself reminds a treetop. It is filled with plants and flora and soft, dark green sofas.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Cafe bar creates interior centre, and it is also covered with plants hanging down from the ceiling. Inside the bar desk is placed a tiny altar with Virgin Mary statue, backlit by gentle pink LED light. White handmade tiles is facing all of the bar and covers wall behind it too. Upper bar desk was made in a specially constituted surface in cooperation with Master&Master.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

The dark brown massive wood nosing desk relates to other furniture in café, which evokes traditional church wooden pews. Bar stools and low stools were created by Czech contriver, the rest of furniture was purchased in antiquity stores.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Fundamental visual element for Jesuits were frescoes in churches or in chapels. Reference to this tradition can be found at soffit in a central space of cafe. The soffit is made by painter David Minařík with special ecologic material, which he developed together with Markéta Šohajová. The basic structure of it is fabric, in baroque frescos elementary part of figurative picture composition.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Combination of recycled fabrics and sustainable resin creates original surface illusion of an old fresco. In addition to frescoes, light also played a major role in Baroque sacral space. Light concentrate the divine power in this world and refers to supernatural forces. This fundamental principle is in café represented by central round lighting metaphorically depicting a halo. Same light principle penetrates the upper floor and symbolically continues to infinity.

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Cafe Konvikt Interior, Olomouc – Building Information

Design: Denisa Strmiskova Studio

Client: Cafe KONVIKT
Project: café
Area: 120 sqm
Year: 2018
Location: Univerzitní 1, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 585 631 190

Type: interior design

Cafe Konvikt Olomouc Cafe Konvikt Olomouc

Photography: Kubicek Studio

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Location: Olomouc, Czech Republic

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