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Nearby Masterplan in Hedehusene

Greater Copenhagen Development – design by Arkitema Architects

18 Nov 2016

NærHeden Masterplan Award

Award for Danish Suburb of the Future

Winner at World Architecture Festival 2016 – 18 Nov 2016

in the Masterplanning – Future Projects category

Naerheden Copenhagen

5 Sep 2014

NærHeden Masterplan

Team Arkitema declared the winner of Benchmark Parallel Commission in Denmark

Design: Arkitema Architects

In an international team which includes Karres en Brands (NL), the Scandinavian architectural firm Arkitema Architects has developed a new master plan for the suburb of NærHeden (Nearby), Hedehusene, in the Greater Copenhagen area. Team Arkitema will now spearhead the further process.

Nearby Masterplan

Three teams in all participated in the parallel commission for NærHeden. The NærHeden Committee decided to combine the best ideas from all three proposals into a single final development plan, based on the physical plan of Team Arkitema.

Nearby Masterplan

Recreational loop to rethink the suburb
Team Arkitema’s master plan includes a recreational loop, meeting-places and varied housing clusters. These elements will help to make NærHeden something completely different from the functionally divided and often monotonous suburbs that we know today, while developing and rethinking the well-known qualities of the suburb, such as proximity to the countryside, schools and social communities.

Nearby Masterplan

Arkitema Architects design the town
With this commission, Arkitema Architects is really starting to set the agenda in the development of Danish towns, says Stig Ammitzbøll, Creative Director at Arkitema Architects, and continues:
“We are proposing a development plan that combines social, technical, landscaping and economic solutions with new approaches to how future citizens and the construction industry can be involved in the development of the district, so that NærHeden becomes the place in Denmark where you have the best opportunities to participate in the development of your town and in the communities in your neighbourhood.”

Nearby Masterplan

Nearby Masterplan – Building Information

Address: Industrivej 2, 2640 Hedehusene, Sjælland, Denmark
Year: 2014
Size: 63.5 ha.
Client: NærHeden P/S. Realdania By and Høje Taastrup Municipality
Architect: Arkitema Architects
Landscape: Arkitema Urban Design, Karres en Brands
Engineer: Orbicon
Team Arkitema: Arkitema Architects, Karres en Brands, Orbicon, Social Action, Open Air Neighborhood, Every day, Via Trafik, Smith Innovation, and the consultants Klas Tham, Gerhard Dekker and Rune Thorbjørn Clausen

Nearby Masterplan

Nearby Masterplan images / information from Arkitema Architects

Arkitema Architects

Location:Industrivej 2, 2640 Hedehusene, Sjælland, Denmark ‘

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