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AIRE Ancient Baths on Ny Carlsberg Vej, Copenhagen

3 Sep 2020

Design: Arkitema

Location: Ny Carlsberg Vej 101, 1799 Copenhagen, Denmark – Hotel Ottilia, Carlsberg brewery buildings

AIRE Ancient Baths opens the doors to Hotel Ottilia

Aire Ancient Baths Copenhagen

Photos by Raul Rosillo

AIRE Ancient Baths

Thermal baths, massages, and a unique atmosphere where time does not exist. AIRE Ancient Baths, the luxurious wellness concept, opens the doors to a new Copenhagen branch in the same historic building as Hotel Ottilia. The concept, which is known from Barcelona and New York, among other places, offers a sensory experience for body and soul for both locals and hotel guests – and with direct access from Hotel Ottilia.

AIRE Ancient Baths is inspired by the tradition of baths from ancient Roman and Greek civilizations, and the surroundings are always in historic, restored buildings in larger cities. Therefore, it is no coincidence that AIRE Ancient Baths now opens in the iconic Carlsberg brewery buildings, where Hotel Ottilia is situated.

Aire Ancient Baths Copenhagen Aire Ancient Baths Copenhagen

“We decided to open a new AIRE in Copenhagen, as Copenhagen is one of the leading cities in the world, and especially in Europe. The city is a hub in Scandinavia, open, friendly, and with a high quality of life. ‘Hygge’ defines the lifestyle and the old Carlsberg factory is a fantastic, iconic place in the middle of the city, where we believe the perfect AIRE experience can be created. A mix of history, art, recognizable architecture and details that all fit into AIRE’s values and philosophy, “says Amadeo Serra, CEO, AIRE Ancient Baths.

Hotel guests and locals can look forward to relaxing in various thermal baths with varying temperatures, massages, and exceptional wellness experiences – the ultimate free space. In the Roman Empire, people sought tranquility, relaxation, and enjoyment in extravagant bathhouses, and it is this tradition that AIRE Copenhagen is now reviving in an aesthetic setting with Hotel Ottilia as upstairs neighbor.

Collaboration on unique guest experiences
AIRE offers sensory experiences. Among other things, you can float effortlessly in a saltwater pool with a salt content as high as the Dead Sea, detox in the intensified steam bath, or enjoy one of AIRE’s signature experiences, e.g The Holistic Ritual, The Wine Bath Experience, or their signature massage.

With the senses as a starting point, AIRE and Hotel Ottilia will collaborate on offering extraordinary experiences to hotel guests and locals, who already know what the 4+ star boutique hotel stands for. The guests at Hotel Ottilia will get a special treat – cava and chocolate – when booking an experience with AIRE, and further, they can enjoy the luxury of direct access from the boutique hotel.

“Like us, AIRE offers unique and different experiences. Our guests choose us because of the unique surroundings and guest experiences at Hotel Ottilia, and therefore we look forward to offering the ultimate wellness experience with the thermal baths and world-class treatments reachable with as little as a touch of a button in the elevator, “says Lene Larsen, Hotel Director at Hotel Ottilia.

Aire Ancient Baths Copenhagen Aire Ancient Baths Copenhagen

AIRE Ancient Baths Copenhagen – Design Information


Interior & Design / AIRE Ancient Baths: Adrian Martinez Concept Designer / Equipo Construcción AIRE
Interior & Design / Hotel Ottilia: Brøchner Hotels, Mette Fredskild, Morten Hedegaard

AIRE Ancient Baths opened 28 August 2020 in Copenhagen

AIRE is a well-known Spanish wellness concept consisting of thermal baths and luxurious experiences with roots in Sevilla and departments in cities such as Barcelona, New York, Chicago, and now Copenhagen.

Location: Ny Carlsberg Vej 101, 1799 Copenhagen. Direct access from Hotel Ottilia.

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Photography: Raul Rosillo

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Location: Ny Carlsberg Vej 101, 1799 Copenhagen, Denmark

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