TAB 2015 Vision Architecture Competition, Tallinn Architectural Contest, Estonia

TAB 2015 Vision Competition : Design Contest

Estonian Centre of Architecture: Epicentre of Tallinn

10 Mar 2015

TAB 2015 Vision Design Competition

TAB 2015 announces Vision Competition “Epicentre of Tallinn”

Tallinn Architecture Biennale has announced the vision competition “Epicentre of Tallinn” to find a design solution for intersections in the future, when only self-driving cars will drive on the city streets. The international one-stage architecture competition invites entries by the end of May.

Tallinn’s central traffic junction, the Viru intersection, was chosen as the test site. The vision competition seeks answers to the questions how driverless cars will alter the cityscape and the public space, and what will be the idea of the new public space.

TAB 2015 Vision Competition

The curator of the vision competition Alvin Järving says, that Viru Square is especially suitable for the competition, being the epicentre of Tallinn where historic, current and future fields of action meet – the medieval Old Town, the old industrial quarter of Rotermann, the Soviet modernist hotel Viru and contemporary architecture: “Today the square is cut off from the city space, it is just traffic area – but what could be done with the Viru Square in the future when the cars will drive without a driver?” The technological change gives the junction a chance to become a city square once again. The TAB Vision Competition wants to rethink the Viru intersection both on the functional as well as symbolic level. Architects should rearrange traffic and plan new functions but also create a symbolic focal point of the self-driving city and a real space.

TAB Tallinn vision competition is organised in cooperation by the Estonian Centre of Architecture and Tallinn City. It invites architects, landscape architects, urbanists and students from all those fields to propose ideas and methods about how to improve the quality of public space in one of the hotspots of Tallinn. TAB Tallinn vision competition is curated by Arhitekt Must.

The jury, consisting of director and founder of MVRDV Winy Maas, Tallinn City Architect Endrik Mänd and Villem Tomiste from the Union of Estonian Architects will judge the entries to the competition. The works will be presented at the exhibition in the atrium of Viru Keskus shopping centre from 9th September to 4th October and as a digital mapping at Viru Square – the actual object and venue of the competition. The winning entries are awarded with monetary prizes.

The Competition Brief can be downloaded from the TAB website.
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Tallinn Architecture Biennale takes place from 9th September to 18th October 2015. It will look into the changes, challenges and opportunities that our cities and their inhabitants will be facing once the third industrial revolution is implemented in full scale and we all start using self-driving cars. What will this mean for architects, designers, urban planners? TAB will turn Tallinn into a test site for the cities of the future.

TAB 2015 Supporter:

Silberauto is happy to promote Estonian architecture. Since 2015 Silberauto is supporting the development and promotion of Estonian architecture in Estonia and internationally via the Estonian Centre of Architecture. The company values high quality in its own products as well as in architecture, as promoted by TAB.

TAB 2015 Supporter:

VELUX Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is supporting TAB in order to promote local architecture. The company is promoting daylight and good room climate and thus values new technologies and development of architecture. Velux sees TAB as a partner for promoting new technologies and innovative architecture.

Estonia – lab for great ideas
Estonia is often seen as the world’s leading innovator against the backdrop of untouched nature and rich medieval heritage. Your daily communication tool Skype was born here and due to its small size the country is an ideal testing ground for ground-breaking technologies, with e-residency being the latest one to capture world-wide interest. While adept and enthusiastic users of new technologies (like online voting, signing documents, paying taxes online etc), Estonians are nature-bound and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle – moors, beaches, lakes and forests are still the favourite hideaways for Estonian.

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The Estonian Centre of Architecture in collaboration with the City of Tallinn announced the Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2013 Vision Competition: Recycling Socialism. According to the curators of TAB 2013, the aim of the open international vision competition is to gather architectural ideas and methods to enhance the current life quality as well as to envision the future of the iconic block-housing district of Väike-Õismäe (“Little Blossom Hill”) in Tallinn. The deadline of the competition entries is April 30th, 2013.

TAB 2013 Vision Competition
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TAB 2013 Vision Architecture Competition information from Estonian Centre of Architecture

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