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What’s Up Paris? Competition

Design Contest Set in the French Capital: Parisian Architectural Project

3 Nov 2016

What’s Up Paris? Competition News

#010 What’s Up Paris? reTHINKINGcompetitions

From reTHINKING competitions, a new competition:

“What’s Up Paris?”

Prizes up to 3000€

A city like Paris is intense, full of tourists, workers, cars … is a place in constant motion, with changes of atmosphere, with people walking and taking pictures.

It is the perfect city for having a coffee and watch people go by, watch tourists spellbound with its architecture, businessmen who run to take the subway or Parisians who simply walk their city. The terraces of Paris never give back to the city, they face it. But now we are the ones who turn our backs to what happens around us.

A cup of coffee and good company are more than enough to enjoy an afternoon in a beautiful city. The hustle of work, traffic, general stress us away from the simplicity of the past.

Please find bellow the most relevant information:


The proposed site invites you to rethink what is necessary to create an atmosphere where technology should not have any role where the talks “face to face” are the predominant element, where we can relax listening to a musician playing the guitar, having a coffee or making an improvised picnic.


Isabel Suraña y José Suraña (Suraña arquitectos)
Eduardo Mayoral González (EDDEA)
Sigifredo Gómez Lemos (Guerin et Pedroza Architectes)
Francisco González de Canales (GSD Harvard University & ETSAS)


OCTOBER 12th 2016: Early Registration starts
DECEMBER 22nd 2016: Submission deadline


The amount of 3,000 € will be distributed as follows:

First prize: 1.500 €
3 x accésits: 3 x 500 €
+ 10 Honorable Mention

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Location: Paris, France

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