Carrara Thermal Baths Architecture Competition, Rethinking Architecture Contest

RETHINKING Competitions: Carrara Thermal Baths

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#007 RETHINKING Competitions: Carrara Thermal Baths

We are glad to inform you that reTHINKING architecture competitions, platform of ideas competitions for students and young architects, has published a new competition called “Carrara Thermal Baths”. We start from the need of rethink those spaces deteriorated by the human intervention, where we try to promote new ways of interventions where a new vision is taken, sustainable, ecological and transforming.

Carrara Thermal Baths Architecture Competition

7 Mar 2016

#007 RETHINKING Competitions: Carrara Thermal Baths

This is why “Carrara Thermal Baths” is a great opportunity for the rehabilitation of unconnected spaces or apparently destroyed that we have in our planet.

This time, in addition to 4500€ in prizes,we will also give a grant for the Master in Advanced Architecture (MArch) in Valencia with architects like Álvaro Siza, Souto de Moura, Juan Domingo Santos and Fran Silvestre.

The contest, called Carrara Thermal Baths, looks for two concept: RE-NATURALIZE and RE-STORE. Let’s think for a moment. How can our actions contribute to nature? That’s what the contestant must investigate and propose.

Our current lifestyles are accelerated, instantaneous, simultaneous and marked by devices such as the clock and mobile phone. These ways of life have generated a stressed, dual and individualistic society. Could someone, from the project, stimulate other ways of life more leisurely, relaxed, related to nature? An escaping area where experimenting with new connections with nature. To project is to enjoy.

A total prize of 4.500 € will be distributed as follows:

First prize: 3.000 € + 2000€ grant for Master’s degree MArch Valencia
Second prize: 1.000 €
Third prize: 500 €

Fran Silvestre Navarro (Fran Silvestre Arquitectos)
Gemma Gené Camps (Artist and Architect in Steven Holl Architects)
Fernando Royo Naranjo (Patxi Mangado Arquitectos)
Félix de la Iglesia Salgado (Ph. Architect of projects in the School of Architecture of Seville)

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Location: Atzgersdorf, Vienna, central Europe

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