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Ecopolis in Sakhalin International Competition

21 May 2021

Open International Competition



Ecopolis in Sakhalin Competition, Russia

Ecopolis in Sakhalin Open International Competition News

May, 2021, Moscow, Sakhalin – In February 2021, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yury Trutnev announced that a new ecopolis would be built in the south of Sakhalin Region, which has political, strategic and economic importance for Russia. An Open International Competition for the development of an architectural and urban planning concept for the new city in Sakhalin Region was announced by the TASS information agency.

The competition will be held from May 12 to October 26, 2021. The goal of the competition is to develop a concept for a fundamentally new city model. It is planned to construct the ecopolis on the territory of the Korsakov urban district, within the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk metropolitan area in the southern part of the island, as an example of an innovative fast developing city in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sergey Olontsev, Deputy Head, Sakhalin Region Government:
“We believe that efforts to provide high-quality education and training programs, and to create an environment where young professionals can realize their personal potential and develop in their field is one of the most important areas of work of the Government of Sakhalin Region, which is focused on the future of the region. We want our talented young adults to receive a high-quality education and then work in Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. And we want to build a new city that will appeal to them and highly-qualified specialists from all over the world. The ecopolis is set to become a leading, world-renowned innovative scientific and educational center.”

Ecopolis in Sakhalin Open Competition Russia

The project was personally initiated by the Governor Valery Limarenko. The new city will be built as part of a large-scale project carried out by the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation and the Ministry of Architecture and Urban Development of Sakhalin Region. The work is being performed by a consortium led by the Agency for Strategic Development CENTER, which includes the Moscow Genplan Institute.

Alexey Rakitsky, Minister of Architecture and Urban Development of Sakhalin Region:
“Today we are creating a metropolitan area that is the main outpost in the south of Sakhalin Region. Ecopolis is one of the most important facets of the metropolitan area. The project involves the construction of a city in a free area to the east of the existing urban area. The city will include a multimodal logistics center with a special economic zone, an innovative scientific and educational cluster, and a network of research and experimental marine research institutes.”

Ecopolis in Sakhalin Open International Competition Russia

Alexander Ivashov, Head, Korsakov Urban District:
“The new development in the city will undoubtedly breathe new life into our urban district and further boost growth. Thanks to Ecopolis, the city of Korsakov will be strategically transformed and modernized. It will be a single administrative unit, which, in fact, will become a new city.

The master plan of Ecopolis involves the construction of an outlet to the sea, long-anticipated by residents, as well as an embankment, myriad public spaces, a transformation of the architectural appearance of the city center, and the enhancement and development of urban infrastructure. The city will become beautiful, modern and attractive for investors, enabling us to bring the region to a new level.”

The main goals of the new city are to meet the demand for the qualitative transformation of the regional economy, its modernization and diversification, the development of green energy, as well as the creation of a technology incubator and new industries, with subsequent replication in the territories of Sakhalin Region, the Far Eastern Federal District and the Russian Federation. The city shall become a self-sufficient economic cluster that appeals to highly-qualified specialists.

“Among other things, the further development of the city of Korsakov is closely tied to the reconstruction of its port. We consider it the driver of the future economy of the city as a whole. This will provide tax revenues, create jobs and enable us to continue to create a comfortable urban environment.”

Evgeny Bondarchuk, Project Manager, Sakhalin Region Development Corporation JSC:
“Urban planning transformations in Sakhalin Region are one of the priorities of the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation and the Ministry of Architecture and Urban Development of Sakhalin Region, which are collaborating in this field. The new city should become a driver of economic growth in the region, and the Corporation can act as a kind of developer of Ecopolis as a attractive investment project.

The specific format of the Corporation’s participation in the project will be determined after the development of the concept and investment model for the creation of Ecopolis”.

Sakhalin Ecopolis Open International Competition Russia 2021

The judging panel of the competition will include representatives of executive authorities of Sakhalin Region and Russian and international experts in the field of urban planning and architecture, as well as members of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

The operator and the budget of the competition were determined through open competitive procedures. The total budget of the open international competition is 99,950,000 rubles, including the prize fund – 17 million rubles, as well as a comprehensive research – 30 million rubles.

Sergei Georgievskii, CEO, Agency for Strategic Development CENTER:
“Our Agency, together with the Moscow Genplan Institute, performs comprehensive analytical work, from defining the boundaries to developing the economic and urban planning model of the future city. As early as at the research stage, we aim to implement the new standard of public participation developed by the Ministry of Construction of Russia and Strategic Initiative Agency, as well as principles of integrated territory development by creating a comfortable urban environment and a smart city based on the best practices of the Ministry of Construction of Russia and DOM.RF. I am sure that leading Russian and foreign specialists in the field of architecture, urban planning, economics and programming will take part in the competition.”

The closing date for competition applications is June 7 (12.00 Moscow time). Participation is open to professional organizations in the field of integrated territorial development and urban planning, architecture, design, and concept development of public spaces, which operate in Russia and are able to bring economics, finance, digital technologies and content programming experts into their team. Based on the results of the first meeting of the judging panel, five finalists will be chosen who will continue to compete and present their concepts at the final Jury meeting on October 26.

The results of the competition will be presented on November 3–5 at the Zodchestvo International Festival of Architecture and Design.

To take part in the competition, fill out an application on the official competition website at:, and provide a portfolio of completed projects that demonstrate relevant experience, along with an essay with a description of ideas for the development of the new city that would maximize its potential.


Sakhalin Region and Korsakov

Sakhalin Region is an island region that forms part of Far Eastern Federal District and which is located at the eastern border of the Russian Federation. The region has an advantageous geostrategic position in the Asia-Pacific region, through which it can participate in fast growing economic relations. The region is located in the area of the potential convergence of three new transport corridors which are global mega projects: the Northern Sea Route, the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, and the Japanese Initiative on Port Connectivity and Creation of Economic Corridors.

The Korsakov urban district includes 18 urban areas: 17 villages and the city of Korsakov, which is the administrative center of the urban district. The city of Korsakov is the second largest city in Sakhalin Region, with a population of 34,000 people. The seaport of Korsakov, which operates year-round, is one of the largest and strategically most important ports in Sakhalin. This new development project will bring the region to a new level.

Sakhalin Region Development Corporation

The goal of investment activities of AO Sakhalin Region Development Corporation is to stimulate investment and ensure economic growth in the Sakhalin Region and the Far Eastern Federal District, promote the development of economic potential and strengthen economic relations of the Sakhalin Region, the Far Eastern Federal District, and the Russian Federation in the Asia-Pacific region. The Corporation’s investment policy is based on a strategy of preserving and increasing capital premised on achieving target return while minimizing risks. AO Sakhalin Region Development Corporation implements investment projects that guarantee multiplicative socio-economic effects.

Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER”

The Agency for Strategic Development “CENTER” is a Russian analytical and consulting organization that works on multi-purpose projects in the sphere of development and urban planning, in addition to being one of the top operators of various architecture, urban planning, and design competitions. The Agency CENTER was founded in Moscow in 2014 It deals with matters related to comprehensive land and real estate development and to the quality of the urban environment in more than 60 Russian regions.

The Agency’s portfolio features projects commissioned by major developers, investment companies, land and facility owners, federal and regional authorities, and professional communities. When working on a few of these projects, CENTER joined forces with the governments of the Russian constituent entities and the Russian Ministry of Construction and the Housing and Utilities Sector, as strategic partners.

Genplan Institute of Moscow

The Genplan Institute of Moscow has been engaged in complex development of urban planning documents for about 70 years. The Institute has significantly contributed to the development of Moscow and the Moscow Region by designing major objects in the capital. The Institute is the only design organization in the country that supports the process of developing, monitoring, and implementing the General Plan of Moscow on a consistent basis.

By now the geography of the Institute’s activities has significantly expanded: it has created general plans of Kazan, Sevastopol, Almetyevsk, Voronezh, and Nizhny Novgorod, area planning designs for Sarov, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and Vyborg, designs of buffer zones of heritage sites in the Republic of Dagestan and the Sakhalin Region, and the entire array of urban planning documentation for Ufa and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. An integral part of the Institute’s activities is scientific research and formulation of proposals for improving regulatory frameworks and methodological support.

The project is being implemented in accordance with Agreement No. KRSO-49/2021-ZAK of March 15, 2021, concluded between the Sakhalin Region Development Corporation JSC and Agency for Strategic Development CENTER LLC in respect of the research project Development of Five Architectural and Urban Planning Concepts for a New City in Sakhalin Region.

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Location: Saratov, Russia

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