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Student Village Competition : Berlin Design Contest

Shipping Containers Building in Germany – German Design Competition

13 Dec 2012

Berlin Architecture Competition

Architectural Competition for the design of a Student Village in Berlin, Germany

31 Dec 8pm 2012 – submission closing date

The construction of a modern student village out of Big-Cube shipping containers on an approximately 11,000m2 sized plot of land with a gross surface area of approximately 16,500m2 in the context of an “Idea and realisation” competition.

The Concept:
This is the first construction project of this kind for Berlin. It is as a brand new concept for student accommodation as well as for Germany. It reflects the modern spirit of cheap and cool accommodation in an artistic and architectural environment. It saves energy, optimizes the use of space and is affordable to students from all parts of the world. We expect holistic, organised and methodical offers form participants that include proposals for the interior design as well as the design of the facades and outdoor areas and facilities.

Basic Information:
400 accommodation units, each approximately 30m2
Modular construction making use of standard commercial Big-Cube shipping containers.
A gross construction cost of approximately 10, 5 million Euros.

Client / Jury:
888SAM AG, Neue Kreisstraße 23, 14109 Berlin

Planning requirements and conditions / Competition participants:
The project and working language is German. Only for phase 1 “The Architectural Competition” will English be allowed. The participant must be legally entitled to submit building plans and construction designs in Berlin and must be able to legally obtain building permissions in Berlin or must employ the services of a partner who is legally entitled to operate in Berlin. Proof of suitability (Subject knowledge, competitiveness, efficiency and references to previous projects which are relevant to this competition and will prove suitability) must be submitted along with the application.

Prize Money:
A gross amount of 5,000.00 Euros

51st Calendar Week 2012 – Competition Announcement
52nd Calendar Week 2012 – Submission deadline for applications for all participants
52nd Calendar Week 2012 – Selection of participants and dispatch of competition documents.
5th Calendar Week 2013 – Submission deadline for competition contributions (preliminary design)
6th Calendar Week 2013 – Announcement of the first three places (preliminary selection)
8th Calendar Week 2013 – Submission deadline for reworked and elaborated contributions
8th Calendar Week 2013 – Announcement of the final winners
12th Calendar Week 2013 – Submission of the construction design / building plans and preliminary negotiations with the authorities
27th Calendar Week 2013 – Beginning of construction
40th Calendar Week 2013 – Completion of construction and clearing of the site

To participate, please send an email with contact details to

Student Village Competition : Berlin Design Contest – external link to competition website


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