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Hotel Lagomar in Girardot, Cundinamarca

13 Sep 2023

Architects: Obreval

Location: Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Hotel Lagomar Cundinamarca Colombia

Photos: Simon Bosch Photography

Hotel Lagomar, Colombia

In the Hotel Lagomar project, the use of modular design principles has led to a surprising and unique outcome. A radial array of the room’s module creates a sense of singularity and variety, breaking away from linearity and encouraging users on a journey through the building. This journey is guided by light, shadow, and vegetation, making for a captivating experience.

Hotel Lagomar Girardot Colombia

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is the use of modular concrete framework. This both harmonizes the architecture and technique, as well as the structure and space. However, it was not without its challenges. The biggest challenge was reconciling technical and spatial dualities, balancing heavy vs. light, modular vs. singular, and tradition vs. innovation. We had to find a way to make these dualities work together in order to create a cohesive and harmonious design.

Hotel Lagomar Cundinamarca Colombia Hotel Lagomar Cundinamarca Colombia

Ultimately, the final material selection ensures the longevity and timelessness of the building. It also allows the architecture to serve as a silent observer of human activity and the passage of time. The building blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, yet it remains a unique and striking structure that is sure to capture the attention of anyone who sees it.

Hotel Lagomar Cundinamarca Colombia

Hotel Lagomar Cundinamarca Colombia

Overall, this project is a great example of how modular design principles can be used to create stunning and unique buildings. By breaking away from traditional design principles, we were able to achieve a truly remarkable result that is both functional and beautiful.

Hotel Lagomar Girardot Colombia

Hotel Lagomar Girardot Colombia

What was the brief?
96 hotel rooms to be developpe in 3 story building. Flexibility on sharing rooms, longevity on materials used, contemporary architecture expression and local craftmanship were the key elements to be included.

What were the key challenges?
Mixing innovation and tradition construction method were at the center of the project development. Based on that, different techniques were used with concrete, the material. From GRC prefab panels to on site formwork were use to achieve new textures and atmosphere.

Hotel Lagomar Colombia

Hotel Lagomar Colombia

How is the project unique?
Hotels and its natural modularity requirements are always a challenge. Repetition and modularity can somehow become boring or too obvious. Based on that challenge, we use a radial array that brings uniqueness by avoiding endless linearity. Curved corridor bring surprises and different lighting conditions enriching the journey.

Hotel Lagomar Colombia

Hotel Lagomar Colombia

Hotel Lagomar, Cundinamarca, Colombia – Building Information

Architect and Builder: Obreval –

Project size: 9000 sqm
Site size: 15000 sqn
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 4

Hotel Lagomar Girardot Colombia

Photographs: Simon Bosch Photography

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Location: Cundinamarca, Colombia, South America

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