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MeeHotel in Foshan, Shenzhen

1 Aug 2022

Interior Architecture: PANORAMA Design Group

Location: Foshan, Shenzhen, China

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen China

Photos: POPO VISION, GD Media

MeeHotel, Shenzhen China

MeeHotel, a new urban resort hotel in the city of Shenzhen, China, aims to provide business travelers with a peaceful state. The project location is called “Bamboo Forest”, so the design team naturally generated the story from this name.

MeeHotel Interior Foshan China

Starting from the lobby, bamboo was selected as the key material and contributes to a lobby space that greets visitors with sophisticated light and shadow effects on the main wall. Various on-site tests & experiments with traditional bamboo weaver were done to create full height screens to define the reception and lobby lounge areas. A pitched roof ceiling and natural diatom mud finished walls, overlaid by articulated light and shadow effects, provide a minimalist leisure experience for the entire space.

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen China

Double height central courtyards were introduced on every two guest-room floors. A reflective lake with a bamboo installation of dancing curves falls naturally, as if clouds are floating in the air. This ceiling-hung structure, produced in consultation with bamboo masters, is curved by making use of its natural elasticity and traditional connection method. Guests will experience the feeling of passing through an abstract bamboo forest before arriving at their rooms.

MeeHotel Interior Foshan China

Sky Café is located on the top floor and is a zen and church-like space constructed as a full height bamboo structure. A skylight above allows natural light to descend through the middle of the seating area during the daytime. Ceiling suspended circular LED lights form a set of endless glowing moons, providing guests with a poetic nighttime experience.

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen China

The bamboo and rattan applied to all guestroom headboards are in the same pattern as those in the lobby, but with different dimensions and thickness. Floated by concealed lights, it aims to provide guests with a peaceful environment and an elegant atmosphere.

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen China

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen

Not just another boutique hotel project, PANORAMA Design Group adds a layer of traditional culture to a hotel space providing relaxing and comfortable journeys in more meaningful ways.

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen

By celebrating the unique quality of bamboo, from the architectural to the interior levels, we continue to promote and allow business travelers to appreciate the beauty of traditional handicrafts that may otherwise have been ignored. It can ultimately form aesthetic, functional, and cultural enhancement in our busy urban lives.

MeeHotel Interior Foshan China

MeeHotel Interior in Shenzhen, China – Building Information

Location: Shenzhen, China
Client: Shenzhen MeeHotel Management Co., Ltd.
Interior Design: PANORAMA Design Group –
Design Director: Horace Pan
Design Team: Szeka Yung, Candace Pun, Ming Cai

Completion Date: Jan 2020
Area:6200 sqm

Photographer: GD Media, POPO VISION

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen

About PANORAMA Design Group
Established in 2003, PANORAMA Design Group is renowned for creating unique story-telling spatial experiences in large-scale composite interior spaces. Headquartered in Hong Kong, with local offices in China, the company’s project categories cover Hotel, Property Development, F&B, Retail, Kids, and Health & Wellness. The firm has received more than 150 international design awards, including the 2016 IDA Design Award “Interior Design of the Year”, 2021 Red Dot Award “Best of the Best”, 2022 HKDA Global Design Awards “Hong Kong Best”, and 2022 Architizer A+Awards “Best Interior Design Firm”. Projects have been featured in numerous international design magazines & journals.

MeeHotel Interior Shenzhen

Inspired by the unique spatial characters of Hong Kong, PANORAMA’s design team adopts boundary-crossing strategies to produce new propositions and unique experiences for different typologies of “multi-purpose/composite spaces”, responding to Asia’s rapid-changing lifestyles. These propositions are developed from well-considered user research, location-based importance, market trends, budget requirements, and operations for every size and type. Each environment is assured of a dynamic, vibrant, and unique character in its own right.

MeeHotel Interior Foshan China

Photographer: POPO VISION, GD Media

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Location: Foshan, China, eastern Asia

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