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Lotus Square Art Center in Zhuhai

Art Gallery Development in China design by Raynon Chui Design

8 Mar 2016

Design: Raynon Chui Design

Location: Hengqin Island, Zhuhai, China

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center

The site for Lotus Square Art Center is located at the Northeast corner of Hengqin Island in Zhuhai, within close proximity of the Shizimen Commercial District. The site’s Northeast is in close with the sea and enjoys excellent sea view and view resources.

Lotus Square Art Center

The site is only separated Macau by a river and enjoys the view of landmark of Macau such as the Macau Tower, MGM and the Grand Lisboa. Taipa is 200m to the north of the site and it is situated on an excellent location.

Lotus Square Art Center

We came to scheme originally the overall program from the principle of green, ecology and future. Starting at the period of architecture plan, the designer arranged reasonably the site, layout and energy conservation of the building as to meet the demand of low power consumption, high efficiency and low level of pollution.

Lotus Square Art Center

Simultaneously to exploit renewable resources at most and decline the use of non-renewable resources to the least, dedicated to the impact of the procedure of constructing on surroundings in context. To utilize new construction technology and technique in the project to excavate the value of the architecture itself at maximum, end up with the consequence of harmonious relation between human and nature.

Lotus Square Art Center

Inspired philosophy of the outline from fish, the building was constructed in earth-covering form to occupy the roof extending to the ground. Hypostatic union with the surroundings makes it hard to distinguish the demarcation line. The central area of the building was made translucent to develop grey space connecting interior and external in resulting to form integration visually.

Lotus Square Art Center Lotus Square Art Center

Most of the surrounding landscape design including the installation of sculptures and artworks to work as transition to enhance artistic sense. Ideally result in developing a public recreation site with coast, art, humanity and nature.

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center

Important before all the designer took the architectural appearance and form into consideration. After that, extend materials and design conception inheriting from the entire architecture to the interior. To invite nature lighting and views into the interior and connect respective floors intensively. Maintain the interchange between human and environment acts as rhythm of interior space.

Lotus Square Art Center

Rainwater Collection: collected rainwater on the roof and ground together to arrive at surface collection center goes through filtering system to meet the other purposes such as landscape and irrigation.

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center Lotus Square Art Center

Energy Conservation: The exposed walls are occupied with low-E glass capable of reflecting heat and lead to import natural lighting at most and reduce the use of artificial lighting. Earth-covering design with real grass brings out topical microclimate ending up with the reduction of heat island effect and perseverance of warmth.

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center – Building Information

Project Name: Lotus Square Art Center
Year: March 2014
Architects: Raynon Chui Design
Status: Built
Address: Shizimen Commercial District, Hengqin, Zhuhai, China
Program: 3000 sq commercial area and exhibition areas
Client: Guangdong HAKKA
Main Materials: Steel, ow emissivity glass, marble, veneer, aluminum and textiles

Lotus Square Art Center

Lotus Square Art Center in Zhuhai images / information from Raynon Chui Design

Location: Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China, eastern Asia

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