Grey. Container in Guangdong, China

Grey. Container Showroom Guangdong building, New Chinese luxury car display development images

Grey. Container in Guangdong

LP Auto Gallery Interior in China: Chinese Luxury Car Display design by C.DD, architects

26 Aug 2016

Architects: C.DD

Location: Guangdong, southeast China

Grey. Container LP Auto Gallery

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

Photos by OUYANG Yun

LP Auto Gallery

LP Auto Gallery is co-founded by an outstanding young entrepreneur (L) and a professional racing driver (P). The Gallery focuses on redefining the artistic integration of supercars and refitted vehicles. LP Auto Gallery learns about the needs of the customers based on the advanced mechanical technology to make sure that every vehicle delivered to the customer is bound to be the exclusive one.

The aim of the designer is to actualize the above concept of the Gallery through language of design.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

To highlight the feeling of “integration” and to emphasize the dominant role of people and vehicles, the designer decides to avoid fancy design and decorations and to filter out impurities. Plain base color is adopted and cement, steel plate, ultra clear glass, matt white latex paint, etc. are used as main materials to turn the whole space into a Grey. Container of plain industry- style.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

The visual effect delivered by the grey industry-style is highly matched with the theme of refitted vehicles. However, large scale use of grey color is easy to bring visitors a feeling of oppression; fortunately the ceiling of this space is high enough, and the designer has added lighting considerately at corners of the space; thus creates an open vision for the whole space, and makes the leading roles of this space – people and vehicles particularly striking. In this container, with plain color set as background, the bright color super cars, shuttling customers and workers interact harmoniously under the light.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

The high ceiling makes it possible for the designer to divide the space vertically. According to its functions, the space is divided into two floors. The first floor includes a showcase area, a reception area, a refit & maintenance area, and a cleaning area. The second floor includes a grandstand area and lounge area. Each functional area with different heights allows guests to look at the space through multiple perspectives, and adds more fun to this grey space as well.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

As what the “Gallery” concept describes, this is not a traditional “vehicles space” any more, it is a space where guests could convey and exchange ideas about art. Upon walking into this space, guests are able to enjoy the driving, refitting, maintenance and even cleaning here. Vehicles have transcended the material realm, and have become the embodiment of beauty, and the sensation created by the collision and condenses of all kinds of emotions.

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

Grey. Container LP Auto Gallery – Building Information

Chief Designer: HE Xiao-Ping, LI Xing-Lin
Design Implementation: CAI Tielei
Project Team: YU Guo-Neng, WU Meng-Long, HE Liu-Wei, ZENG Xiang-Ru
Design Company: C.DD
Construction Company: Ji Mu Engineering

Location: Future Town, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Area: 750 sqm
Main Materials: cement, steel plate, ultra clear glass, matt white latex paint
Completion Date: September, 2015

Grey Container LP Auto Gallery

Photographer: OUYANG Yun

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