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Porsche Museum Stuttgart : Architecture

Contemporary German Motor building design by Delugan Meissl, Austria, Europe

12 Oct 2007

Design: Delugan Meissl

Opened 31 Jan 2009

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

Images © Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Porsche Museum

Porsche Museum building: images from Delugan Meissl Architects

Project Description

The new Porsche Museum will express the company’s self-confident stance and high standards in architectural terms, while at the same time conveying the firm’s dynamism and vitality.

Porsche Museum Stuttgart Building Germany

The Porsche Museum was conceived as a gravity-defying, dynamically formed monolithic structure that seems to hover above the folded topography of the ground and the first-floor levels. It contains the exhibition area, and provides an opportunity to spatially experience the Porsche “cosmos”.

Porsche Museum Stuttgart Design Germany

On the first floor is the entrance area, which acts not only as a foyer and hub but also offering interesting insights into the “roots of the Porsche experience,” providing visitors with focused views of the vintage car workshop and the archive.

Porsche Museum Stuttgart Building Design

The Porsche Museum exhibition space is conceived as a vast arena that renounces hierarchical principles of order and a linear, predetermined single approach of presentation. Cross references emerge and can be followed both spatially and thematically.

Porsche Museum Delugan Meissl design

Credits photos / drawings / visualisations:
Delugan Meissl Associated Architects + Porsche AG

Porsche Museum Stuttgart building design by Delugan Meissl

Porsche Museum : more details

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany – Building Information

Competition 2005: 1st prize
Start of construction: 2005
Completion and opening: 2008

Porsche AG, Stuttgart

Exhibition area: 5.000 m2
Restaurants/café: 500 m2
Museum shop: 200 m2
Classic car workshop: 1000 m2
Conference area: 700 m2

Floor area: 13.333 m2
Gross surface area: 27.692 m2

Project manager:
Martin Josst

Project team:
Jörg Rasmussen, Torsten Sauer, Tapio Lassmann, Zoltan Adorjani, Philip Beckmann, Imke Haasler, Hendrik Steinigeweg, Gerhard Gölles, Thilo Reich, Lorenz Weingart, Ruben Van Colenberghe, Ursula Ender, Sebastian Brunke

Porsche Car Museum Stuttgart Porsche Museum Building Porsche Museum Germany
images © Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
Porscheplatz 1, D-70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany

Porsche Museum – Project Participants:
Project management: CBP Projektmanagement GmbH
Realisation: Wenzel + Wenzel Architekten
Exhibition concept and design: HG Merz
Structure: LAP Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner – Beratende Ingenieuere VBI GmbH
Building services engineering: Interplan Gebäudetechnik GmbH
Façade: R + R Fuchs – Ingenieurbüro für Fassadentechnik, Fassadenplanung
HPP Architekten
Light planning: Delux AG

Conveyor technique: Hundt & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Media: telcomatec GmbH – Ingenieurbüro für Kommunikationsprozesse
Kitchen planning: Geisel GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Großküchentechnik
Workshop: WHB Vertrieb Hagen Braune GmbH, Werkstattplanung
Construction physics: IFB Wolfgang Sorge IB für Bauphysik GmbH – Beratende Ingenieure VBI
Structure: CBP Tragwerksplanung GmbH
Construction management: G² Gassmann + Grossmann Baumanagement GmbH
Aerodynamics: Ruscheweyh Consult GmbH Beratung + Labor für Bauwerksaerodynamik
Structural fire protection: Halfkann + Kirchner

Porsche Car Museum Porsche Museum Porsche Museum
images © Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Porsche Museum Stuttgart images / information from Delugan Meissl, Architects, Austria

Delugan Meissl – Porsche Museum Stuttgart architect

Location: Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany, western Europe

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