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Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden in Zhejiang

11 Mar 2020

Interior design firm: GFD

Location: Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

Photos by Liu Gangqiang

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden

“Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, the famous ink-wash painting by Huang Gongwang, depicts the fascinating and spectacular landscape along Fuchun River, Hangzhou, and incorporates the painter’s reflections on life.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

Facing Fuchun River and backed by Huang Gongwang forest park, Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden draws on Oriental philosophy of naturalness and coexistence, and provides a courtyard residence that features a Chinese-style aesthetic as well as a secluded lifestyle.

A porch leads to the interior space. The foyer, living room and dining room are finished with light gray marble flooring, with its interweaving white and gray grain injecting elegance, flexibility and peacefulness into the overall space.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

The backdrop of the TV set is clad in white marbles with graceful light gray grain, presenting unique visual effects. Walls of the dining room and foyer shows perfect match of white sintered stones and black walnut wood veneers, which together produce a sedate, elegant and natural ambience. The cabinet behind the sofa has an exquisite silver mirror, which reflects light and shadows and enhances visual experiences.

A sliding door partitions the kitchen and the dining room, which is mainly composed of delicate textured glass and edged with archaized matte stainless steel, keeping a low profile. Bronze-like stainless steel strips are also applied to walls in the elevator hall, showing a sort of dim luster.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

The elders’ room is set on 1F, which embraces scenery of the yard. With clean lines, a neutral tone as well as simplistic and elegant designs, it provides the elders with a peaceful and serene living environment.

Arranged on 2F, the master bedroom is expansive, bright and comfortable. The wall behind the bed presents a peaceful scene where people gather and have fun in a pavilion amongst rolling mountains, while other walls in the room are finished with fabrics, generating a fabulous spatial ambience.

Su Dongpo, the great poet of the Song Dynasty once expressed his deep love of bamboo: “I would like to have meals without meat rather than live in a place without bamboo”. Known as the “Three Friends of Winter” together with pine and plum in traditional Chinese culture, bamboo are brought into the interior and can be seen at the balcony as well.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

The boy’s room is situated on the other side of 2F. It shows perfect match of wood textures and grayish blue. The blue hue injects imagination into the space, and the expansive universe backdrop wall exerts subtle influence on the cultivation of the kid’s character and temperament.

3F has a simplistic and clear layout. The leisure area continues the warm and calming atmosphere generated by black walnut wood veneers and matte stainless steel. With a modern wall featuring decorative strips, a shelf for putting books and artworks, as well as large windows that open up views to the outside terrace, it offers a cozy space for tea drinking and reading.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

Filled with an elegant atmosphere, the living room is connected with the underground space via gray marble stairs. The hallway beside the staircase is embellished with artistic glass featuring patterns of landscape scenery, which extends the peaceful and serene ambience from the living room. The study is at an end of the underground mezzanine, offering the occupants a quiet and private space. Outside the handrail, multiple eye-catching transparent “leaves” are scattered from the ceiling, showing modernity, naturalness and freedom.

The underground floor is an ideal place for gathering and entertainment. The audio/video room can accommodate many guests, with a large concave sofa. It’s perfect for enjoying movies, family videos or cartoons.

The gathering area and the chess & card area are beneath the study, with the artistic pine and landscape painting producing a pleasing and cozy ambience.

The overall interior design of this Chinese-style courtyard residence incorporates the inner spirit of the painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” and the essence of Chinese culture, thereby creating a secluded, peaceful and nature-embracing lifestyle.

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden, Zhejiang Province – Building Information

Category: model villa
Client: Greentown
Location: Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Interior design firm: GFD
Interior design coordination: Ye Fei
Chief interior designer: Tao Zhilan
Interior design team: Kang Huicai, Ge Sicong
Chief decoration designer: Cai Yangyang
Decoration design team: Hu Hui, Lu Xinyi
Decoration execution firm: QIANDU Home Furnishings Design Co., Ltd.

Area: 460 sqm
Completion time: July 2019
Main materials: marble, stainless steel, walnut wood veneer, sintered stone, glass
Text: Tang Zi

Greentown Fuchun Rose Garden Zhejiang Province China

Photographer: Liu Gangqiang

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Location: Fuyang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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