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Daxing Factory Conversion, Beijing

Beijing Building Redevelopment design by Tsutsumi & Associates (TSUAA), Architects

2 Oct 2014

Daxing Factory Conversion News

Design: Architect l Tsutsumi & Associates (TSUAA)

Location: Daxing, south Beijing, R.O.C.

Daxing Factory Building Conversion

The factory building was exported to the furniture manufacturer’s office. The programs are: a factory for the 1st floor, 2nd floor and half of the third floor, an exhibition space for half the 3rd floor and office space for the 4th floor. The whole gives the effect of a desktop in three dimensions.

The spiral staircase that has been in the center of the floor connects the exhibition space on the 3rd floor and offices on the 4th floor and sitting area in the attic. On the opposite side of the conference room across the void, there is the small meeting room and the volume of the rest area above. After crossing the boardroom, there is an office space where the sections are clearly separated by the height of the floor.

Daxing district of Beijing:
Daxing Beijing China map boundaries - site of Daxing Factory Conversion

Basic materials were used as white paint on the wall of PE, finishing mortar on the floor, checkered steel plate on the floor jump. Around parts such as elevator lobby or stairs, COR- TEN steel was used to add a rigid focus; on the other hand at the end of the wide wall, vertical plants were put to soften space.

Within the landscape at different levels, white boxes are arranged to give the appearance of a village. There are some workarounds, hidden areas and open spaces, a cabin where you can look down the atrium , we can see the whole area from the attic.

Daxing Factory Conversion image / information received 011014

Source: http://nationalfutur.com/daxing-factory-conversion/4317/

Beijing Daxing International Airport building interior design:
Beijing Daxing International Airport building - city where Daxing Factory Conversion is located
photo : Arne Müseler / www.arne-mueseler.com, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

Location: Daxing, south Beijing, People’s Republic of China

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