House in Piedra Roja, New Residence in Chile

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House in Piedra Roja : New Residence in Chile

Contemporary Residential Building in Chile – design by Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados

27 Apr 2012

House in Piedra Roja

Location: near Santiago, Chile

Architect: Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados

House in Piedra Roja Residence in Piedra Roja Piedra Roja residence Piedra Roja House

House in Piedra Roja

The order is an individual house for a young family, located in a developing suburban area in the north of Santiago, with an arid Mediterranean climate.

Conceptually we worked with the idea of the traditional houses of the central zone of Chile (Mediterranean), valuing the intermediate spaces like a fundamental part in the daily life and integrating the exterior to the interior through inner patios and covered zones as the traditional corridors. These spaces will allow to be inhabited as much in summer (shaded) as in winter (sunned).

House in Piedra Roja Residence in Piedra Roja Piedra Roja residence Piedra Roja House

The house forms a rectangle –with North South direction- , in which air bubbles are injected as patios that get qualified according to the different programs and their use. These patios unify these spaces visually and separate them programmatically.

Through the mobility of different elements the public spaces are added and transformed into one main intermediate space that contains the familiar life.

House in Piedra Roja Residence in Piedra Roja Piedra Roja residence Piedra Roja House

Programmatically the house is divided in 3 longitudinal strips, the first strip: the dormitories and the great corridor oriented to the north and the garden; the second strip: the services such as circulation, storage and bookcases oriented to the south; and in the center, the third strip that contains the public spaces and the patios.

As the traditional houses of the central zone, each patio acquires a programmatic and constructive specific quality. A dry patio that separates living and dining room, related to the main access of the house; a green patio that separates the living room from the children area, also injecting humidity as form of control of the high temperature; a playground patio for the children that relates the children area with the garden; and finally a working patio related to the kitchen and the garage area.

Constructively the house was thought like a great horizontal concrete plinth on which a regular steel structure is created. Glass and ventilated partitions are added.

The roof is conceived like a great empty horizontal element that allows the air circulation, throws the walls to the ceiling, and expelled through chimneys that regulates the ventilation.

House in Piedra Roja Residence in Piedra Roja

House in Piedra Roja – Building Information

Title: House in Piedra Roja
Architects: Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados, Francisca Rivera P. and Jose Riesco U
Location: Santiago, Chile
Client: Natalia Chellew and Ricardo Ventura-Junca
Materials: Steel, Concrete, Corten Steel, and Glass
Cost: US$ 678 m2
Size of project: 236 m2 + terraces
Start date: 06/2008
Completion date: 02/2009
Structural Calculation: Pedro Escobar
Construction: Casas Modernas
Photographs: Sebastián Wilson León.
Lighting Design: Paula Garcia-Huidobro

Francisca Rivera P. and Jose Riesco U.
riesco + rivera arquitectos asociados.

Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados based in Santiago, Chile

House in Piedra Roja images / information from Riesco + Rivera Arquitectos Asociados

Location:Piedra Roja, Santiago, Chile

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