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Casa 2 Lago Colico in Araucanía

15 March 2024

Architects: Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos

Location: Araucanía Region, southern Chile

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía Chile

Photos by Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos

Casa 2 Lago Colico, Chile

On a steep plot, in the middle of a forest and with direct access to the wonderful Lake Colico, in the southern parts of Chile, 3 houses are planned with different requirements and shapes, but maintaining a similar concept and materiality, to achieve harmony between them and with the nature that surrounds them.

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía Chile

House 2, more compact than the others, seeks, through the game of levels, to generate the greatest number of areas with a view of the lake and independence from each other.

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía Chile

The volume contains 3 levels with access from the middle, generating windows towards the entire environment in order to capture the forest, the lake and the large esplanade in front that is spatially closely linked to the house.

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía

By combining metal and wooden coverings, a link is produced between the home and its environment, which, added to the breaks in the volume, generates a beautiful spatial harmony and respect for the place where the intended project is located, through a work of leveling and semi-buried volumetry, generating spatial and visual independence, in the daily use of the 3 houses.

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía Chile

Casa 2 Lago Colico in Araucanía, Chile – Building Information

Architects: Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos –
Project size: 276 sqm
Site size: 5200 sqm
Completion date: 2023
Building levels: 3

Casa 2 Lago Colico Araucanía

Photography: Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos

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Location: Araucanía Region, Chile

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