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Reinickendorfer Strasse Apartments in Berlin

25 Mar 2021

Reinickendorfer Strasse Apartments

Architect: Patalab Architecture

Location: Berlin, Germany

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

The completion of Reinickendorfer 65 & 66 marks the resolution of the second phase of our Berlin Wedding Masterplan. Designed and supervised on site by Patalab’s Berlin Studio, this project is an extensive renovation of a Willhelminian apartment block within the same city block as our project on Oudenarder 29 in the north-west of inner-city Berlin. Both phases include green transformation to the rear of the buildings, however, the scope of work for this second phase was greater as it included the addition of penthouses and commercial units.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Enhancing the Quality of Living and Working
Our works to Oudenarder 29 created a green refuge separated from street life by the existing residential block, however, Reinickendorfer 65 & 66 engages with the street at the same time as providing garden space for the residents. Not only have commercial units on the ground floor been restored but also two existing passageways through the building have been reinstated.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

These passageways lead to the factory behind and whilst one is restricted to pedestrians and cyclists, the other is wide and tall enough for vehicular access which simplifies logistics both during and after the third phase of our masterplan, the factory renovation. The liveliness of the ground floor activities does not spoil the sanctuary of the residential accommodation as we have lowered external levels to create a physical separation as well as inciting the requirement for steps which generates a grander entrance to the flats.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Addition of New Penthouses
Whilst the ground floor is full of life and movement, the new penthouses will be more peaceful and relaxed. These units are additional spaces on top of the existing building and benefit from generous floor to ceiling heights as well as two different types of terraces – rooftop apartments in 65 will have courtyards that are cut out of the roof structure, where as 66 will have street-facing balconies. At roof height, the noise of Reinickendorfer’s traffic is minimal and the building opposite does not overshadow the penthouses giving these residences a tranquil ambience as well as filling the space with natural light.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Sustainable City Block
Similarly to Oudenarder 29, our scheme for Reinickendorfer 65 & 66 modernises existing apartments to suit contemporary living patterns. Both buildings date back to the late 19th century and by modernising the apartments through reconfiguring living and kitchen areas and upgrading all hard finishes, residential units will be prepared for another hundred years of use.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

The final stage of Patalab’s Wedding masterplan will renovate the factory building in the centre of the urban block, completing the vision of a sustainable quarter in which living, working, and playing are in close proximity.

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Reinickendorfer Strasse Apartments in Berlin, Germany – Building Information

Architects: Patalab Architecture

Project size: 2600 sqm
Site size: 1000 sqm
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 6

Reinickendorfer Strasse Berlin

Photography © Linus Lintner

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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