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House Palau in Barcelona

Catalonian Contemporary Residence design by Joaquín Antón & Javier Luri Architects, Spain

13 Jun 2016

House Palau in Barcelona Design

Design: Joaquín Antón & Javier Luri, Architects

Location: Barcelona, Spain

House Palau in Barcelona Building Design

Palau House

The House Palau was born from the need to build a new house on a plot where two brothers share an old weekend house. The initial idea suggested an extension in the form of back but we run it for two reasons: first, the program uses invited to give complete independence to the two families, secondly, we wanted the new house to enjoy a ground floor related to the garden which was supported on its own foundations.

Palau House

Palau House

Once we accepted this strategic decision we find a third value: the possibility of trafficable middle deck of the old house, which gave the new housing a 30m2 terrace with excellent guidance and overlooking the mountain of Montserrat.

Palau House Palau House

These decisions forced us to confront precisely asoleo ground floor. We turn first floor in a solar collector that takes daylight hours necessary to the ground floor through the double central space. This got an excellent climate passive behavior, based on natural ventilation that cools the house in summer and a solar collector that eliminates the need for heating during a sunny winter day.

Palau House

The volume coexists with pines that surround it. Gestures are necessary to save those that provide a minimum of complexity to form. The ground floor is aligned to the old house and compact parts to occupy at least prioritizing outdoor spaces. By contrast, the volume of first floor is deployed in four cantilevers, one to the old house itself, on which floats without support. The sloping roof of laminated wood culminates gabled volume. A third volume fits inside of the ladder, drawing a triangular openings, the most imposing.

Palau House Palau House

The shortage of available meters constructible required us. On the one hand we responded exploiting the interior heights, the other incorporating the outside inside. The ground floor is related to the garden and the first does with the sky. The result, a sense of freedom that responded to the idiosyncrasies of the client and his love for nature.

The outer materiality combines natural slate and woodwork with changing tones of lime mortar bilayer. In the interior this combination is between craftsmanship hydraulic pavement and concrete nudity. Wood trim and cover is highlighted by the clarity of plaster painted white.

Chromaticism pavement responsible for harmonizing the landscape with interior materials. The green star on the ground floor, where they dominate the view of the garden is made. Blue makes first floor where the sky is present through the glazed gable ends. Oranges pact with wood while gray do the same with the concrete. Combining the pieces in irregular mosaics we have tried to provide a contemporary air to the spaces flirting with Geometrism and Op Art. We believe that a traditional material that always accustomed combined in simple symmetries today can and should respond to another order.

Palau House

House Palau – Building Information

Location: Urbanization can Roure. Lliçà d’Amunt, Barcelona
area: 98sqm
Budget: € 130,000
Architects: Joaquín Antón Javier Luri & Technical Architects Javier Gallego, NewCarsiGroup.
Contractor: Construcciones Arocris

Palau House

Photography: Simón García – arqfoto

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Location: Barcelona, Catalunya, Northeast Spain, southwestern Europe

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