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Durrat Marina Masterplan Bahrain Building

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16 Aug 2009

Durrat Marina Masterplan, Bahrain, the Persian Gulf

Design: Atkins

Reclamation on Durrat Marina

Reclamation works on Durrat Marina are now complete. In the foreground, a 50m canal will separate the largest island of the marine from the reclaimed golf course.

In the background, phase I of Durrat al Bahrain is now in completion stages and being handed over to tenants:
Durrat Marina Masterplan Bahrain

Land reclamation of the Durrat Marina islands, part of the luxury Durrat al Bahrain residential resort, has been completed ahead of schedule. Over five million cubic meters of material has been reclaimed in just 24 months to create the three new islands now ready for development.

Designed by Atkins, the 400-berth marina will become a vibrant hub for the Southeast area of the Kingdom. Intended as a truly mixed-use development, Durrat Marina will act as a catalyst for retail and commercial development and accommodate young families and professionals. One of the key commercial advantages of Durrat Marina is that the majority of residences will benefit from sea views and easy connections to public landscaped spaces, beaches, boardwalks and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

With the successfully handing over of phase I of the Durrat al Bahrain Islands to tenants well under way, Atkins was retained to continue as engineering and site supervision for the three islands which have a total area over 480,000m².

With water forming the central theme, work on the marine reclamation and shore protection of the three curved islands necessitated complex engineering as the design looked to maximise sea frontages by incorporating canals and beaches. The elliptical shorelines are protected by over 600,000 tonnes of locally quarried limestone rock revetments and 150,000 tonnes of concrete quay wall edge protection.

Significant to the speed of installing the edge protection following reclamation was the predesign of foundations to accommodate predicted settlement within subgrade materials below the quay wall foundations. This method enabled the contractor to progress with construction on site whilst closely monitoring settlement of the completed sections of walls to ensure that settlement was within the expected limits. This method also meant that volumes of what would normally be considered unsuitable material could be left in place thus significantly reducing the overall construction cost of the islands.

Reclamation work on the Golf Course linked to the marina continues with completion planned for the end of the year.

Durrat Marina won the CNBC Property Arabia Waterfront Award in 2008, in recognition for its cultural and economic contribution to Bahrain.


Durrat Marina Masterplan design

Durrat Al Bahrain Marina extends over a 150-hectare site of which 68 hectares was reclaimed. Together with its neighbouring golf course it forms an extension of Atkins’ highly successful Durrat Al Bahrain but its central marina gives it a complementary role and character.

Durrat Al Bahrain Marina is smaller than its parent development but shares physical similarities since a crescent-shaped island again forms a canal with the shore on one side. The other side of the island partially encloses the 400-berth marina. A central road again extends into the sea to link other crescent-shaped islands enclosing private beaches and arranged back-to-back to form the entrance to the marina which, together with the main island, they enclose.

Because of the downscaling, all of the development sites can have water frontages. Nearly all of the single- and multi-level apartments, lofts and townhouses will have sea views but every one of them will have convenient access to public landscaped spaces, beaches, boardwalks and the retail and leisure attractions of this mini-city. Access to all of these facilities will be by foot via vehicle-controlled pedestrian areas, open plazas and arcades.

Durrat Marina Masterplan Durrat Marina Masterplan Durrat Marina Masterplan Durrat Marina Masterplan

Residential streets are pedestrian friendly and lined with shade trees. Sculptural bridges link the islands and their respective amenities. Water is not just a theme of Durrat Al Bahrain Marina. The marina itself is the centre and heart of the development and the islands arranged around it create a series of canals, lagoons and vistas towards the open sea. The marina water spaces and the urban community on land meet at the marina waterfront which is the hub of the marina’s retail and leisure precinct.

Durrat Marina Masterplan Bahrain images / information Atkins

Durrat Marina Masterplan architect : Atkins architects

Location: Durrat Marina, Bahrain, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East

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Durrat Marina Bahrain

Al Khaleej Development Company (Tameer) & Durrat Al Bahrain (DKAB) have formed a joint venture company referred to as Marina Durrat Al-Bahrain for Development Real Estate W.L.L. The Project Company’s purpose is developing Durrat Marina parcel with a total site area of approximately 600,000m2.

Durrat Marina is designed by Atkins. Creating the final masterplan resulted in an eight-month design period. The project won the “Best Marina Development – Bahrain” at the prestigious CNBC Property Awards 2008.

Durrat Marina is a proposed 400-berth marina that complements the greater development of Durrat al Bahrain. Over 68ha in land area, the development is located over three islands, linked by bridges. The marina is also connected to the reclaimed golf course.

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