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Durrat Al Bahrain Island Villas

DKAB Paradise Islands Development design by Atkins Architects in the Middle East

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Durrat al Bahrain News

Atkins awarded phase III of Durrat al Bahrain

International design and engineering consultancy, Atkins, has been awarded the architectural and infrastructure design on phase III of Durrat al Bahrain, a 20 km2 reclaimed series of paradise islands at the southern tip of Bahrain.

Aerial view of Durrat al Bahrain showing phase III yet to be developed. Construction expected to begin in 2010:
Durrat Al Bahrain development

Delivery of phase III requires the design and documentation of infrastructure works, landscaping and architectural engineering of the luxury villas plus facility buildings on the remaining four of the planned 13 islands. The two inner petal islands and two outer atoll islands cover a total land area of over 800,000m² and is the final phase in the construction of the 20km² luxury residential resort.

Atkins began working on this signature development for Bahrain in 2004 and phase I and II are progressing well with construction, with a number of villa owners now having moved into their new homes.

It is expected the construction of phase III will commence next year.

“Atkins has been working closely with Durrat Khaleej al Bahrain (DKAB) over the last five years in ensuring the delivery of one of the region’s most exceptional projects. We are delighted to have been retained for the final phase,” says Andrew Lane, Project Director for Atkins in the Middle East

“Our continued presence capitalises on the in-depth knowledge and close working client relationship already established with Durrat Khaleej al Bahrain and the commission demonstrates Atkins’ commitment to the development of Bahrain.”

from left to right: Andrew Lane Project Director, Atkins. Abdulhakeem Al Khayyat, Chairman, DKAB. Jassim al Jowder, Chief Executive of DKAB:
Durrat Al Bahrain development design team

Durrat al Bahrain reflects the Kingdom’s standing as a financial and commercial hub, and its high-end design philosophy will be echoed in the architectural and interior design of phase III’s 570 villas. Hard and soft landscaping will reflect the islands’ idyllic ambience encouraging residents to step outside and interact with nature. Green corridors and community areas will connect the urban fabric, and all villas will have direct access to water via either a beachfront or a jetty.

DKAB Paradise Islands Development images / information from Atkins 181009


Durrat Al Bahrain Development

Date: 2008-
Design: Atkins

Durrat Al Bahrain Durrat Al Bahrain Luxury Islands Villas Durrat Al Bahrain Persian Gulf Luxury Islands Villas

The development is striking and comprises six distinct elements. An aerial view shows a crescent island facing away from the mainland and towards a central hotel. Linked to this crescent is an arc of five petal Islands, each with its own water frontage and private beach for ladies.

An arc of six atolls forms an outer fringe, each atoll comprising 172 villas and beach facilities. An 18-hole golf course and a five-star hotel have been built on the mainland and 400-boat marina put the finishing touches to the development. All six elements are interlinked by a total of 13 bridges which are now in the process of being erected.

Durrat Al Bahrain Durrat Al Bahrain Islands Villas Durrat Al Bahrain Durrat Al Bahrain

The Durrat al Bahrain Resort development is intended to be a world-class residential, leisure and tourist destination and will be unrivalled by anything elsewhere in the Middle East.

DKAB Paradise Islands Development design by Atkins Architects DKAB Paradise Islands Development design by Atkins Durrat al Bahrain Resort - Persian Gulf Luxury Islands Villas

Persian Gulf Luxury Islands Villas images / information from Atkins

Atkins architects

Location: Bahrain, Persian Gulf, Middle East

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