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Henning Larsen Foundation Architecture & Music Competition 2017

HLF Architectural Prize Winners in 2017 – Jakob Draminsky Højmark, Cristian Vogel and Henrik José

22 Aug 2017

Henning Larsen Foundation Architecture & Music Competition News

Winners of the International Competition Architecture & Music Announced

In November 2016, the Henning Larsen Foundation announced an international competition about architecture and music. The foundation intended competition entries to explore the interplay between architecture and music, and provide fresh inspiration for architects and musicians alike.

The jury received 145 entries from composers in 21 countries. In recent months, the jury has listened to all the compositions. It has now found a winner.

Photo of the winners, from left: Jakob Draminsky Højmark (2nd Prize), Cristian Vogel (1st Prize) and Henrik José (3rd Prize):

Henning Larsen Foundation Architecture & Music Competition winners in 2017
photo : Agnete Schlichtkrull

The jury sums up the competition entries: “The high quality and enthusiasm expressed by the sheer number of entries is evidence of overwhelming interest in this topic. The text for this assignment describes close ties between music and architecture. While both universes constitute physical sensory input of human proportions, each also encompasses a metaphysical dimension. The entries cover an extremely wide spectrum of approaches that include acoustic and electronic music and collections of sound recordings.”

The winner of the competition is Cristian Vogel, a Chilean who now lives in Copenhagen. His composition is entitled “The Bell Tower Seed”.

The jury describes the winner as follows: “This is a grandiose, classically structured composition. The architectonic presence of the monument in its context unfolds musically through the chiming of bells and urban clamor. The composition includes a superb exposition of chimes. The listener is absorbed by the enormous variety of chiming sounds. The real-life sounds of the urban environment provide fine depth. This work unfolds its material within an excellent musical structure.”

The second prize goes to Jakob Draminsky Højmark for his composition, “Yakushiji III”. The composer and sound artist is resident in Copenhagen.

Third prize is awarded to Henrik José for his composition, “Swirley Bokeh”. José was born in Sweden. He now lives in Berlin, where he works as a composer and sound designer.

Listen to the three winning compositions at en.henninglarsensfond.dk or at the bottom of this press release.

“All senses play part in experiencing architecture. Hearing connects us with architecture as we are able to hear ourselves and our own voice interfering with voices and sounds from the surroundings, all in all creating a sense of cohesion,” says architect Troels Troelsen, Chairman of the Board of the Henning Larsen Foundation and the competition jury. “Music creates space, and it ‘takes place’. It uses architecture as backdrop and soundboard, while at the same time it takes over the space and builds community. Like other arts – drawing, photography, and language – music relates to architecture through its form.”

This is the fifth international competition arranged by the Henning Larsen Foundation. The Foundation has previously launched four similar competitions under the themes: “photographing architecture” in 2007, “drawing architecture” in 2008, “writing about architecture” in 2012 and “Architecture & Film” in 2015.

The first prize winner receives €9,000 (10,500 USD), the second prize €6,000 (7,000 USD) and the third prize €3,000 (3,500 USD).

The jury consisted of musician and composer Irene Becker, composer and Professor Niels Rosing-Schow, musician and composer Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, sound designer Peter Albrechtsen and architect Troels Troelsen.

The Henning Larsen Foundation was established in 2001 with Henning Larsen’s private funds and has since then awarded grants each year on the founder’s birthday, August 20th. The objective of the non-profit and charitable Foundation is to promote and disseminate Danish architecture in a broad sense.

Information on the Henning Larsen Foundation, previous competitions and award winners on en.henninglarsensfond.dk

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Henning Larsen Foundation Architecture & Music Competition Winners

Listen to the winning compositions

1st Prize
“The Bell Tower Seed” by Cristian Vogel
Listen at: https://goo.gl/wVAkpJ

2nd Prize
“Yakushiji III” by Jakob Draminsky Højmark
Listen at: https://goo.gl/9sEkfF

3rd Prize
“Swirley Bokeh” by Henrik José
Listen at: https://goo.gl/eRCLmf

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