Wedding Rings, Austria: Puchenau Castle Building

Wedding Rings, Puchenau Building Redesign, Development, Austrian Architecture, Architect

Wedding Rings, Puchenau : Austria Architecture

Old Building Renewal design by x architekten

15 Apr 2013

Design: x architekten

Location: Puchenau, Austria

Interior at Puchenau Castle

Wedding Rings, Austria: Puchenau Castle Building
photo : David Birgmann

Puchenau Castle Wedding Rooms

Puchenau’s existing wedding rooms on the ground floor of Puchenau Castle, built in the 17th century, needed to make room for commercial use. Alternative rooms were found on the castle’s first floor; three rooms with a ceiling height of 4.5 m feed off the historic wedding room entrance and are connected via two passageways. Existing surfaces and finery identify that the rooms were originally used as offices and although the simple stuccoed ceilings look the worse for wear, they are completely intact.

Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria
photos : David Birgmann

Concept and implementation:
Rings have played an important role as a symbol for matrimony since antiquity. Rings are also the guiding theme with regards to the redesign of Puchenau’s wedding rooms.

The white stuccoed rings, with their different diameters, seem to wander through the walls of the three rooms towards the wedding hall, seemingly freed from eternal life, to melt into two intertwined rings behind the wedding altar.

Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria
photos : David Birgmann

The lighting also takes up the ring theme at a further level. Circular lights of different sizes and distances from each other are suspended from the ceiling, floating across the rooms towards the “wedding altar” to “enlighten” the future bride and groom as two intertwined ring lights above the bench seats. The strict use of the ring design leads to a distinct room identity which lives up to the special function of the rooms.

The herringbone oak floor runs like a thread via all elements which are connected to the floor – the wedding altar, the entrance as a sliding door and the bench seats in the window bays – and therefore helps form a quiet room shell which can seat about 60 guests on chairs made of white-oiled oak wood.

Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria Wedding Rings Puchenau Austria
photos : David Birgmann

The baroque layout of the three rooms is emphasised through laminated golden ornaments on the passageway reveals as well as a red carpet, which seamlessly connects all the rooms and leads to a red bench seat for the bridal couple.

An entire wall was decorated with laminated golden ornaments in the third room where the champagne reception takes place. It serves as a festive decor for the wedding guests and as a conclusion of the visual axis from the wedding hall.

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Location: Puchenau, Austria, central Europe

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