Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum Building, Austrian Alpine Design, Image

Timmelsjoch Experience : Austrian Mountain Building

Alps Mountain Development – design by Werner Tscholl architekt

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Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum

Location: south of Innsburck, Austrian / Italian Border

Design: Werner Tscholl

The Timmelsjoch experience

The Timmelsjoch is the deepest, non-glaciated indentation in the main Alpine ridge between the Reschen Pass and the Brenner Pass.

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum design by Werner Tscholl architekt

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum Alps building

Alps Mountain Development design by Werner Tscholl architekt
photos : Alexa Rainer

A road, once a mule track, links the Passeiertal valley and the Ötztal valley. Over thousands of years, unique similarities between the two valleys evolved, triumphing over the natural boundary created by the mountains.

Austrian Alpine Design

Austrian Alpine Museum Building Design

Austrian Alpine Museum by Werner Tscholl
photos : Jürgen Eheim

Since 2010 architectural sculptures located at several stopping places along the road, enlighten travellers about the natural surroundings, the history, the culture, the communities and the economy of the region.

Austrian Alps Museum by Werner Tscholl

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum Building

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum Austria
photos : Jürgen Eheim

All together there are 5 sculptures to be explored, two on the Austrian side called walkway and smuggler and two on the Italian side of the road named telescope and garnets. On the highest point of the pass one can find the pass museum.

Mountain Building Austria Timmelsjoch Experience Austria Building Timmelsjoch Experience Building
photos : Alexa Rainer

The concrete structure on the North Tyrolean side juts out like an erratic boulder into the South Tyrolean side, underlining the cross-border nature of the Timmelsjoch Experience. The “Ice Cave” inside the museum pays tribute to the pioneers of the High Alpine Road and their remarkable accomplishment.

Timmelsjoch Experience Austria Timmelsjoch Experience Building Timmelsjoch Experience Building
photos : Jürgen Eheim

Timmelsjoch Experience Pass Museum images / information from Werner Tscholl Architect

Timmelsjoch (Italian: Passo del Rombo; German: Timmelsjoch), is 2474 m above sea level.

Location: Timmelsjoch, Austria

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