Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux, F25 Projektgesellschaft Austria Accommodation Images, 10 Chalets and a main building

Peterhof Resort in Alpe Frux, Austria

23 Feb 2023

Design: Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

Location: Furx 25, 6835 Zwischenwassser, Austria

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux Austria

Photos by A.I. Schnabel and René Dürr

Peterhof Resort, Austria

Dialogue of Light and Material
As a sign of increasing sensitivity for the touched landscape of a tourist region, the building owner F25 Projektgesellschaft (Roman Rauch, Karlheinz Schmid) announced the Peterhof competition and invited three architectural firms to submit plans for 10 chalets and a main house with restaurant and granny annexe on the steeply sloping site. Baumschlager Eberle Architekten were able to convince with their design.

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux

In the course of planning, the holiday homes were fanned out in natural-looking groups and the main house on the site so that each building gets the best possible view. Space-saving and therefore positioned orthogonally to the strata lines, the two-storey chalets suck in the landscape panorama with their funnel-like shaped front.

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux 2

This configuration is advantageous in its ambivalence, because it not only offers a view, but is also able to protect against glimpses from the side. It is therefore consistent that the offset of the storey-high windows makes relative the axiality of the front side. Urban development also takes place in the countryside, that is how one could describe the organisation of the small settlement. In times of urban sprawl in the Alpine region, this is an even more important aspect of this project. The primary message of the architecture, namely to optimise structure and view, is conjugated with complementary themes:

Peterhof Resort Austria

Peterhof Resort Austria

Indeed and very figuratively, the overhanging roof protects, it occupies the entire first floor up to the lintel, with another opening towards the top, transferring the distant view from the horizontal to the vertical. This lantern fills the upper floor with natural light, but has even more effect: the light supports the plasticity of the roof and brushes over the relief of the material used – wood. The dialogue of light and material is transformed to a subtle level, so that the often striking nature of building in the mountains recedes into the background. The basic complexity that Baumschlager Eberle Architekten has worked out with the small chalets “works” on a larger scale in the main house, which acts as a point of orientation in the landscape.

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux Austria

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux Austria

Partially pushed into the slope, the first floor with the restaurant and terrace forms the main level of the building. The star-shaped floor plan organisation of the restaurant combines the manageability of individual seating groups with the experience of the entire space. This remains perceptible because no supports obstruct the view in the round. In this way, the large dimension is preserved, but it also serves a practical purpose – at events, the speakers are visible from everywhere.

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux 3

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux

Speaking of talking: This is where the sound-absorbing properties of the sustainable material wood come into play. The restaurant and the chalets have the same mix of wood types, with hard-wearing ash used for the floor and silver fir for the walls. Common to both is the timber frame construction above ground and a rear-ventilated shingle façade. Heat pumps with geothermal probes provide the temperature control for the buildings.

Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux Austria Peterhof Resort Alpe Frux Austria

Peterhof, Alpe Furx is a contribution to the series of Austrian architecture that, since interwar modernism, has combined a careful treatment of the site, the authenticity of the material with a contemporary interpretation of local building culture.

Peterhof Resort Austria

Peterhof Resort in Alpe Frux, Austria – Building Information

Architects: Baumschlager Eberle Architekten –

Design team: Marco Franzmann
Area: 12.436 sqm
Year: 2021 (=completion)
Location: Furx 25, 6835 Zwischenwassser, Austria

Peterhof Resort Austria

Peterhof Resort Austria

Photographer Credit: A.I. Schnabel and René Dürr

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Location: Furx 25, 6835 Zwischenwassser, Austria

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