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KAMP Office Building

Key Commercial Development in Theresienfeld, Austria – design by gerner°gerner plus architects

2 Jan 2017

KAMP Office Building in Theresienfeld

KAMP Office Building – Theresienfeld Property

Design: gerner°gerner plus architects

Embedding in the suburban environment

KAMP Office Building

An uncluttered appearance was particularly important for the additional storage areas which were required. The latter found a home in spaces with a contrasting and completely different design to that of the box. Right next to the road running alongside the railway, different sized storage areas are strung out, mirroring the trapezoid-shaped plot of land.

KAMP Office Building

The core element – a warehouse combined with a semi-open storage area – tilts its roof towards the heavens over a tapered skylight and conceals the storage area behind a correspondingly tapered screening wall. In this way, rising and falling edges and lines are created on the company’s premises, while the sculptural storage boxes provide protective walls towards the suburban surroundings composed of commercial buildings and fields.
KAMP Office Building

The building also takes the suburban context of the industrial estate into consideration in terms of its height and its colour coordination – the matte grey of the concrete.

Photos © gerner°gerner plus | Matthias Raiger

KAMP Office Building

KAMP Offices Theresienfeld – Building Information

Name of work in English: KAMP Office Building
Name of work in original language: KAMP – Firmengebäude Kampichler
Placement: Nominee
Prize year: 2017
Location: Theresienfeld, Austria
Year completed: 2015 (Year began 2011)
Studio: gerner°gerner plus architects
Authors: Gerner Andreas (1964 Austria) ; Gerner Gerda Maria (1964 Austria) ; Raiger Matthias (1977 Austria)
Architects: Gerner Oliver, Vrataric Urska, Nemesthoty Matthias, Aufschnaiter Hannah
Total area: 18,216
Usable floor area: 5,839
Cost: €5.200.000,00
Client: Claudia und Josef Kampichler
Client Type: private
Map: LatLng: (47.8619446, 16.2350993)

KAMP Office Building

Shortlisted for Mies van der Rohe 2017 Awards

Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Nominations

Location: Theresienfeld, Austria, central Europe

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