Longfellow Terraces in Brisbane, Queensland

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Longfellow Terraces in Brisbane

Queensland Capital Architecture Development, Australia – design by REFRESH*DESIGN

6 Nov 2019

Longfellow Terraces, Queensland

Architecture: REFRESH*DESIGN

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Longfellow Terraces are an example of what the often-discussed “Missing Middle” could look like in Brisbane – a sustainable infill-development for sensitive densification of inner-city suburbs. Inserting additional dwellings dwellings into existing infrastructure allows more people to enjoy the qualities of these precincts rather than adding to the urban sprawl.

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Inspired by the way in which ancient people used to live under trees for protection from the elements, the design genuinely connects the entire living floor to the landscape by providing sheltered and unobstructed spaces that are truly in touch with nature.

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

The spatial arrangement of the project takes queues of the functionality of “Sydney Terrace Houses”. Three storey dwellings use the sloping land to fully conceal garages and driveway thus avoiding ground floor domination by garage doors. Instead, the houses feature entry sequences similar to traditional ‘Queenslanders’ with the arrival of visitors at landscaped front yards, stairs and verandas.

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Longfellow Terraces won the AIA Queensland State Award in 2019 as well as an AIA Brisbane Regional Commendation.
“Through a successful and vested relationship with the builder, the architect was able to collaborate and resolve common difficulties in developing a well design and affordable housing model.

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

The project is an exemplar for infill housing, demonstrating how higher densities can be successfully achieved within suburban areas through careful consideration of climate, context and liveability.” – Queensland Awards jury citation

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Longfellow Terraces, Brisbane, QLD – Building Information

Architecture, Interior Design: REFRESH*DESIGN

Project size: 375 sqm
Site size: 840 sqm
Completion date: 2018
Building levels: 3

Longfellow Terraces Brisbane

Photographs: Cathy Schusler and REFRESH*DESIGN

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Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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