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Delacombe Stadium in Ballarat

5 Oct 2021

Architecture: Kosloff Architecture

Location: Ballarat, Central Highlands, Victoria, Australia

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

Delacombe Stadium

Delacombe Stadium acts as a ‘front door’ for Delacombe Primary School, the new Stadium provides a contemporary and high quality dedicated facility for competitive sports standards. The design considers the importance of connection, with a shift from a community urban frontage to a smaller campus scale, allowing for a transitions that responds proportionally to its contrasting environments.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

The Stadium has a high focus on sustainability, using simple and passive design solutions to minimise the building’s environmental impact, with natural ventilation, light and low impact materials. Internally it provides a new competition grade indoor sporting facility designed for both the school and community to use. As well as supporting after hours and holiday care programs, it is now being utilised by a diverse range of local sporting and community groups. The project includes a competition grade netball/basketball show court, amenities and changeroom facilities, storage, office, multipurpose/canteen spaces along with significant upgrades and improvements to the school street interface and adjacent play spaces.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

What was the brief?
Delacombe Primary School is located in the growth corridor of Ballarat West with enrolments expected to increase. Previously the school did not have a dedicated Gymnasium facility and had partial use of the adjacent Doug Dean facility which was not at competition standard, and provided poor internal comfort levels due to a lack of insulation and ventilation. In addition, the school had identified the need for a flexible multipurpose room designed into the Gymnasium, nominated as a school funded item. Detailed elements of the brief called for an indoor facility that would provide the maximum use potential from a wide range of users including school students and staff, local basketball and netball clubs as well as cricket/rugby/football clubs that would be seeking to use the amenities as an extension of the neighbouring community sports field. Additional briefing items were for the project to provide a high quality internal series of spaces that would be welcoming and warm, and appropriate for a range of activities beyond sports.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

What were the key challenges?
Careful consideration needed to be given during the early design stages as to the scale of a building of this size relative to the students, given its’ adjacency to a number of key play spaces. Indoor sporting facilities can also be a challenging environment to manage acoustically and also from an environmental amenity perspective – for cost reasons they often have uninsulated walls and ‘aurally reflective’ surfaces that can make them unpleasant to occupy for some modes of use

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

What were the solutions?
The siting and planning of the building arranges the much larger internal court volume facing the street, thus allowing for a student-scaled wing of lower height spaces to the north and east. These lower height spaces allow for direct amenities access from the outside, canteen access and strong visual links between the internal spaces and outdoor areas allowing strong passive surveillance systems to operate. The project has been designed with full wall and ceiling thermal insulation as well as acoustically absorbing internal wall and ceiling linings which reduce noise transmission and reverberation in the space. The built outcome is a much calmer and quieter environment to occupy, with school assemblies, community events, presentations and a wide range of other learning activities easily accommodated.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

What are the sustainability features?
Passive design strategies have been used to allow the Gymnasium to operate comfortably without the need for extensive airconditioning or heating. Insulation is provided not only to the roof, but also to the full extents of the walls, and rigid insulation is also provided below ground slab. As Ballarat can be an environment of extremes, this insulative ‘coat’ allows the internal spaces to remain temperate during sub zero temperatures, by providing a base stable internal temperature. Natural air is brought in through low level fans, with hot air exhausted at the high point of the roof. Two large high level industrial fans provide air circulation and an evaporative cooling effect for sports players.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

These are virtually tuned to provide optimal air flow in warmer weather, increasing comfort in hot weather conditions and allowing extended usage and curriculum delivery beyond sports activities. Southern diffuse natural light allows for reduced glare amenity, and reduces the requirement for artificial lighting, whilst a deep undercover ‘eave’ surrounds the northern and eastern aspects, protecting from inclement weather and also reducing heat load in winter. All external glazing is high performance double glazing to allow the building higher levels of internal comfort without the need for mechanically augmented systems and fresh air is controlled by ‘smart’ C02 sensors distributed throughout the internal spaces, which continually monitor for occupancy levels and introduce fresh air as required automatically. Rainwater is also being harvested from the new roof for use in irrigating school grounds.

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

Ballarat East House, Victoria – Building Information

Designers: Kosloff Architecture

Project size: 1480 sqm
Site size: 32600 sqm
Completion date: 2021
Building levels: 1

Delacombe Stadium Ballarat

Photography: Derek Swalwell

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Location: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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