Korydallos City Hall, Public Building Piraeus, Athens, Greek Architecture

Korydallos City Hall

Contemporary Piraeus Building, Greece – design by Potiropoulos D+L Architects

15 Sep 2014

Korydallos City Hall in Athens

Design: Potiropoulos D+L Architects

Location: northern suburb of Piraeus, Greece (located 7 km west of central Athens)

Korydallos City Hall

Korydallos City Hall in Athens

The architectural gesture stems from the idea of a pair of parallel prisms that support a third, long, transverse volume shaping an armful that welcomes the citizen. The design aim was to investigate an alternative narrative on the experiential relationship between the public building and the citizen, beyond the “politically correct” attitudes inherent to many spatial and social patterns and perceptions of established greek thinking. Public buildings should be more than transit stations for citizens.

Korydallos City Hall

The “H” shaped building seems to be “floating” over the urban landscape, while at the edges it coincides with the boundaries of the block. On the south side, it creates a large square towards the entrance where the outdoor activities are taking place. The opening of the City Hall towards the outdoor area to such an extent, challenges a new reading of the building and its relationship with the urban fabric; also extends the life out of the public building, encourages events to be out of it, rendering the city “animate”.

Korydallos City Hall

The void/gate formed by the unequal volumetric development of the building guides the pedestrian traffic towards the adjacent sports centre and the residential area at the rear. Through this “urban” intervention, the City Hall as a “link”, connects the commercial center of the city with the residential zone that lies on its north side.

Korydallos City Hall

In the contemporary city a new need is emerging, contrary to the needs that the “machine-building” of Le Corbusier was serving. The “building-hub” allows integration with other existent today, or future, relevant “hubs” of the urban fabric; the interactions between them are developing dynamic and vibrant fields helping to give birth to a lively urban environment.

Korydallos City Hall – Building Information

Structural study: K. Milonas – K.Kargakos & Associates Inc
Electromechanical study: E.L.T.E.M.E Ltd
Sustainable Design: University of Athens Built Environment Design Group
Αcoustic study: Th.Timagenis Architect M.Sc.
Study year: 2006-08
Construction year: 2009-14
Constructor: K.Patidis ΑΤΕ

Photos: Charalambos Louizidis

Korydallos City Hall Building images / information from Potiropoulos D+L Architects

Location: Piraeus, Greece

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