Wood stoves, the classic way to heat your home guide, Property heating tips, Online home warmth advice

Wood stoves, the classic way to heat your home advice

16 Dec 2021

Wood stoves, the classic way to heat your home

With the winter approaching come some concerns regarding low temperatures and how to keep warm. Whether due to moving, remodeling or necessity, when it comes time to select a heating method for your home there are always many questions related to which option is the best. The answer as to which heating method is most effective does not lie in the different types of heaters, but in your needs, the space and your concerns.

It is important not to close to a single type of heating or idealize others, because it may simply not meet your requirements. Currently there is a great variety in heaters, including modernizations or reinventions of classic models, as is the case of the wood stove, which you can find all its new models in Brico-Valera.com. Although it is not so common nowadays, it is still one of the main forms of heating.

Types of Wood Stoves

The basic operation of the wood stove is quite simple, consisting of incinerating the wood and discarding the smoke, having then its main chamber, where the wood is burned, the entrance, and another opening, generally vertical for the smoke expulsion.

Understanding the pellet stoves vs wood stoves dilemma starts by learning about the different features and types each one offers.

The model of the wood stove is considerably old, dating back to the time when this was the main way in which people used to heat their homes. Although its basic operation remains the same, there are different designs today.

Radiation stoves

Radiation wood stoves are generally made of cast iron, the classic and heavy models that sometimes act as fireplaces. This is the most classic type of design, emitting heat directly and keeping it longer due to the material’s inertia. This type of stove is ideal for lovers of the classic, those who have among their main interests to acquire a wood stove for aesthetic reasons, since nothing will give your room a presence as strong as these models. However, you must take into consideration that the body of the stove heats up considerably, so special care with children and pets is required.


This type of wood stoves are especially practical for those who have large houses and want to solve the heating of all their rooms. They work by heating water that is then distributed through radiators and even stored for white water use. These stoves are usually made of cast iron because of the amount of heat they must generate.

Convection stoves

This design is much more modern, and therefore has considerable advantages for those who want a wood stove but are concerned about the heavy, hot structure of cast iron stoves. They heat the air from the top down by circulating layers of warm air around the room, the heat is less direct than radiant heat but better distributed.

A great advantage of steel stoves is the use of the double combustion mechanism, in which the gases generated from combustion are used to optimize heat generation and maximize resources. This type of stove is ideal for those concerned about the environment, since it achieves an efficiency of up to 80%.

Although steel stoves are much lighter and have a more modern look, they maintain the attraction of being able to observe the fire, the maintenance of both models is quite simple, just sweeping the chimney once a year is enough. However, one of their main strengths is their durability, since they have a longer useful life than gas stoves.

Wood Stoves for Heating

Whether steel or cast iron, wood stoves are much more environmentally friendly and provide a cozy atmosphere to the room that is unmatched by any other type of heating. Sitting in front of the fire to read a book or be with loved ones enjoying the warmth, generates a great feeling of wellbeing.

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