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Professional Suggestions When Migrating Your Architectural Firm Into the Online Community

9 April 2024

Architecture is one of the many brick-and-mortar industries which have taken the leap into the digital domain. This enables firms to reach a much larger target audience while simultaneously cementing their brand identity throughout the online community.

When migrating your architectural firm online

However, it can still be challenging to tackle such a transition; particularly for organisations that are governed by finite amounts of capital or which lack the in-house expertise of a dedicated IT team. What are are some the ways that you can circumvent these potential stumbling blocks? We will examine four unique approaches as well as the advantages of each.

Leverage Strong Digital Foundations

One of the first steps involves creating an identity for a website that has yet to be fleshed out. Always remember that a URL address should accurately and succinctly describe the core aspects of your architectural firm. In many ways, a website address can be thought of as your digital “calling card”; helping to increase brand recognition.

This should occur around the same time when you begin to analyse different website hosts. Cutting-edge web hosting for small businesses will provide several discrete advantages including:

  • Fast-loading pages.
  • Ample virtual storage space.
  • Superior security protocols.
  • Uptime rates as high as 99.9 per cent.

Most experts agree that it is better to subscribe to a private host as opposed to a shared hosting service due more customisation options and access to dedicated customer support specialists.

Project Management Software

Businesses offering architectural services tend to deal within a niche marketplace. This is the very same reason why generic project management software will often fall short of the mark. It is instead logical to invest in dedicated software bundles that can be moulded around the needs of your organisation. Some well-known examples include:

  • Bonsai
  • AutoCAD
  • SketchUp
  • Revit

Take some time to evaluate the unique features of each before making a final decision.

Online Security Equates to Success

Every professional website should be outfitted with the latest security protocols. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification is a type of browser-based firewall that will protect sensitive information at all times. Without this level of safety, your site will suffer in terms of online rankings. Furthermore, customers are likely to navigate elsewhere in order to ensure superior levels of transparency.

In the same respect, it is always prudent to download a reputable anti-virus program. This will provide yet another layer of protection for your business as well as the clients themselves. While free versions are available, paid bundles offer a higher degree of flexibility and they are regularly updated in order to thwart the latest threats.

A Work in Progress

Not that it make take up to six months in order to create a fully functioning website. The effort is certainly worth the ultimate payoff when we consider the number of consumers who now rely upon the online community to purchase goods and services. If you wish to take your architectural venture to the next level and beyond, it pays to remain patient.

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