What makes casino architecture special guide

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What makes casino architecture special

10 Dec 2020

What does the house in “the house always win” refer to? Does the house refer to the casino – it’s outward appearance, the ambient mood you get playing there and the drinks or the staff and its management? This is an interesting question. How much does a patron expect to win (or lose) when they get into these establishments? How much risk will they be willing to take?

What makes casino architecture special

These are all dependent on the casino itself. A quick “in and out” tour will turn to an overnight gambling adventure at the right casino.  Something that mobile casinos lack. Even though they’re convenient and cheaper as there are no ravelling and accommodation costs involved

The architects of casino buildings must ensure the long-term viability of their investment. It is all about attracting the rich. No money? Go somewhere else. They have found that mixing the right aspects of modern life with financial gain drives the best results for a casino design.

The casino will not only give you the popular game of blackjack; it will also give you the modern bar, the friendly atmosphere, the nice décor and a house that will not look down on you if you have not won a hand of blackjack. There’s a lot to take in, including the house’s interest rate, tiered games, casino-sponsored events and the offerings of a VIP membership.

How do architects see casinos?

You may pick a famous architect to create what some may call “casino architecture” … Mies van der Rohe saw the house as a machine that makes money. Frank Lloyd Wright saw in it a cathedral. And others saw it as a prison, or a warehouse for the floor above. But they were all wrong. Casinos are not about the patrons’ winnings or losses. They are about the architecture that sets the mood, inspires the players and gives the needed result.

What the house in “the house always wins” means

Why do we think that the Morpheus Casino, The Bellagio and the Casino de Monte have the best architecture? All the “celebrated” casinos have one thing in common – they’re built with luxurious features that appeal to the wealthy gambler.

They’re built to convey a feeling of elegance, luxury and performance.

As noted, Mies van der Rohe focused on setting up a machine that would always win money. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t focus on the house that he built for the Bellagio Casino and the Monte Carlo Casino that was also beautifully designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is still a house that will make the rich forget all their worries. In fact, in the Morpheus casino, there is a space that can be rented for special events – the VIP room, that has a long history and has hosted many celebrities.

Architecture is not just about the building itself – it is also about the process of designing, creating, constructing, placing and then managing. It is about maximising profit for the architect and the owner of the building. But it can be argued that the architect also must provide a kind of “social cohesion” to residents. A building is not just a building, but a collection of spaces which, when combined, make up a complex structure.

Designed with the best people

Let’s say that you’re a businessman and you’re leading a team of architects and engineers. You hire four of the best people you know, including the designer. Over the course of eight weeks or so, they create and present your building plan. You approve it and give them the green light to start the process.

Now these people spend all day every day creating the prototype for the building plan for the week ahead. That means that they don’t get to sleep or to eat. Eight weeks go by quickly and then the planning for the next week is all over. Then comes the hard part. Once the building is completed, all of our architects and engineers need to work together as a team in order to make it a success.

Now the designer is tasked with coming up with a “look” for your building, and the interior designer sketches out the décor, colours and the kind of furniture and objects that you will need to make the building successful. It really is a lot of upfront work.

Zooming in on a winner

There are many ways that casino architecture can build a longer term success in a casino. There’s the design. There’s the interior design, including the casino interior display. And then there’s the effective advertising and marketing. These provide the potential client who comes to the casino with all the information they’ll need to see if it’s a place they want to go and play or to pass by.

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