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Unknown Myths about Bitcoin and Blockchain

17 Dec 2020

Unknown Myths about Bitcoin and Blockchain that you must know!

Everyone is talking about the bitcoin network and blockchain technology in the financial market, but no one focuses on bitcoin’s disadvantages. Blockchain technology is quite cool as it handles the bitcoin network smoothly and secures the bitcoin payments. Undoubtedly the blockchain technology has made the bitcoin network the best cryptocurrency out of all other cryptocurrencies. But still, many disadvantages are related to blockchain, and you must consider all.

Bitcoin was invented to provide users a new method of completing payments internationally, but unfortunately, it is more used to carry out criminal activities. You must have known the bitcoin protocol components as it was introduced by an anonymous programmer named Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s been more than a decade since the bitcoin was introduced, and investors and traders have appreciated it. Because any government or financial institution does not back bitcoin, the general public doesn’t trust the bitcoin network. People are living with cryptocurrencies, and the changes tend to happen every day. To keep you updated, visit Weed Profit System.

The creator-focused more on inventing an electronic form of money, but some negative factors in the network that are devastating the effectiveness of bitcoin and blockchain. No doubt, there are many advantages of blockchain technology that make it revolutionary and sensational. Here in this article, we will focus on myths that are about bitcoin and blockchain.

The blockchain is a distributed computer.

You might have heard about blockchain technology that it is a distributed computer that performs computational puzzles. The concept of nodes that contains the information is completely incorrect. Those millions of computers perform to verify the transactions according to their set of protocols and perform the same operations on all transactions. The computers record the information into the blockchain and store the history of bitcoin. The method followed by blockchain is millionfold duplication.

Blockchain is an endless ledger, and everything recorded in blockchain will last forever.

Almost every bitcoin client keeps the transaction history, and maybe the record has become large, around 100GB. In this digital era, the capacity of laptop or advanced smartphones is near to 100GB. With more and more transactions being processed, the size of blockchain grows. The reality is that the blockchain of bitcoin isn’t the fastest-growing ledger as compared to its competitors.

To store a large amount of data, it is first important to download the data. Users who use the locally stored wallet to store the cryptocurrencies cannot make or receive bitcoin payments until the verification and download process is completed.

Bitcoin’s blockchain is scalable and productive, and a great alternative to conventional money.

The exact number of transactions that the bitcoin network is capable of is seven for all the users worldwide. Simultaneously, the bitcoin transactions are recorded once every 10 minutes on the blockchain. The transaction speed in the bitcoin network is quite low for all active users worldwide. In comparison, hundreds of transactions are processed per second, and the bandwidth is increased as per the requirement.

Bitcoin is not the solution or alternative to conventional money because not everyone trusts the network. People hesitate to invest in it because of several reasons, and the main is because no government backs bitcoin, and the market of bitcoin is highly unpredictable. In the future, if conventional money fades away, then also blockchain won’t be responsible for it.

The anonymity of blockchain is a positive thing

It is known to everyone that blockchain is transparent and maintains the user’s anonymity. But in real blockchain offers pseudonymity instead of real anonymity. For the investors or bitiq traders that are honest, it is a negative factor to have pseudonymity. This might be a normal thing for individuals. Still, for businesses or companies, it is deadly as all of their personal details like sales, purchases, account balance, customers, and more will become public. Transparency in financial matters is always a big disadvantage that bitcoin users get.

The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned are some myths and disadvantages of bitcoin and blockchain. It is crucial to learn from these and not blindly trust technology or the bitcoin network. Investors and traders must consider these factors about bitcoin before accepting it as a payment method. Some of the competitors of bitcoin have really covered these problems, but still, they are all based on blockchain.

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