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Unique Education Blogs for Students

13 Aug 2020

Unique education blogs for students

Some blogs have entered our life so tightly that we visit them every day. But it turns out there are not only entertaining blogs but educational ones that can be extremely helpful for students. If you are interested in such sites, continue reading on.

Understanding new information is always a difficult task, especially when it is not clear where to begin. The educational blogs below present information in a clear and understandable way. Along with essay writing services, educational blogs can help you greatly to succeed in your studies. Here, you can read about some helpful sites you should pay attention to.

                   Hack College

Hack College is a blog that publishes educational tips and tricks on how cope with college life. College hacks are presented here, such as what to do with a bad roommate, how to make teachers love you, how to earn some extra money while studying, and many more. This blog also offers the most helpful digital apps that all students can use while studying. It is an extremely helpful blog!


MindShift presents the future of learning in all its aspects, including cultural and technological trends, innovative research, and innovation in education. The site KQED exists for everyone who wants to know more about everything. Their TV, radio, and educational services make a difference and help people and various communities reach their full potential.

                   eLearning Industry

On this site, you will find the greatest collection of e-learning articles, concepts, software, and resources. It is one of the largest online communities of professionals in different spheres, and it was created primarily as a platform with knowledge sharing to help students and professionals connect to a secure online community.

                   Luke Murphy

Seeking to motivate students and offer new and valuable knowledge, Luke Murphy, a student who studied at the Open University, provides visitors with tips and life hacks for success on his personal blog. Referring to what he did on his journey, he hopes to inspire other students. Browse categories of technology and photography and find posts with tips for adult students and thoughts on AI.

                   Connected Teaching and Learning

Trying to create a global classroom as a teacher from Norway, Ann Michaelsen created her blog to allow students to share their thoughts. Michaelsen presents valuable information not only for students but for teachers and parents, and the homepage covers education and lessons. Students can also share their views on topics such as global warming on their personal blogs.


This is a student blog presented like an open discussion between students and teachers. They are brought here at the same level, as they both think creatively, to discuss topics such as lifelong learning and American inequality. The blog features several high schools throughout the United States that provide different opinions on various themes.

                   Student Minds Blog

It is a collective student blog created by students in the UK. Its purpose is to offer ideas, tips, and motivation for all students in spheres such as campaigning, fundraising, exams, graduation, discrimination, anxiety, and more. It was created by students for students, and the blog presents personal experience to guide other students in their days of studying. Also, you can find tips and tricks for resolving problems with pressure and mental health.

Unique Education Blogs for Students Conclusion

You can never develop your knowledge without new information. The easiest way to achieve this is visiting education blogs. On the blogs presented above, you will find valuable information on the various topics to help you as a student. We hope you found what you were looking for.

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