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Top 9 questions for wedding flowers

13 September 2021

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers guide

From bouquets and centerpieces to boutonnieres, corsages, and statement-making floral arrangements, flowers create a romantic ambiance and add the wow factor to any day. That’s why it’s essential in wedding planning to focus on the flowers as well. To bring your vision to life, you will need an excellent wedding florist who is skilled, creative, and respectful of your budget. Moyses Stevens is always keen to make sure that these vital funds are identified.

They offers same day flower delivery London service and next day UK flower delivery, seven days a week. Once you cut it right down to a couple of wedding florists who resonate with you, subsequent step is to interview them to work out which one are going to be the simplest fit your big day. do not know which inquiries to ask prospective wedding florists? we have got you covered. Keep scrolling for nine key inquiries to ask potential wedding florists before signing on the line.

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers guide

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers list

  1. Are you available on our wedding date?

This looks like a clear question but it’s still super important. Wedding florists can reserve quickly, so Kamesha Hervey Richard, a designer, floral artist, and owner of Ava Loren Design in Hampton, Virginia, recommends asking your potential florist how far beforehand you’ve got to book them. This looks like a clear question but it’s still super important. Wedding flowers can reserve quickly, so Kamesha Hervey Richard, a designer, floral artist, and owner of Ava Loren Design in Hampton, Virginia, recommends asking your potential wedding florist how far beforehand you’ve got to book them.”

While you’re on this subject , ask what percentage (if any) other events they’ll be servicing that day. If they need multiple events on an equivalent day, it’s always not an enormous deal, but it’s good to double-check and ensure they need the bandwidth to handle everything.

  1. How long have you ever been a floral designer?

As with any wedding vendor, you would like a florist who knows their stuff and has the talents necessary to execute what you’re envisioning for your big day. Ideally, the florist should have ample experience creating florals for events, particularly bouquets and wedding floral decor. Ask not only how long they have been a floral designer, but also what percentage weddings they’ve done.

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers guide

  1. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Although floral designers will typically accommodate various styles and style aesthetics, you will be more confident going with a specific florist if their overall style and vibe match your own.
Pro tip: Before the interview, jot a couple of words that describe the floral design you would like for your wedding (moody, classic, vibrant, etc.) and see if these descriptors match the way the florist describes their work.

  1. Can we see photos of your past work?

Don’t just take the florist’s word about their style. Ask to ascertain photos of weddings they’ve designed florals for or real-life samples of their work. If you actually want to try to to your due diligence, you’ll read reviews from past couples or invite references you’ll contact directly for feedback on the marriage florist’s services.

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers guide

  1. What flowers does one recommend for our wedding?

Talented florists can accommodate any and every one floral ideas. However, Richard recommends asking them for his or her overall floral design recommendations for your wedding supported the venue, season, theme, and wedding colour scheme. Their answer will assist you better understand their level of experience and find out if you’re both on an equivalent page.

This is the part where you’ll escape your Pinterest board and show samples of specific designs you want to recreate. “After sharing your vision together with your florist, allow them to supply their professional insight on achieving the foremost remarkable result,” Richard says. “Be bound to express your expectations, understand theirs of you, and trust them because the professional you sought bent bring your vision to life.”

You can also ask if they need advice regarding another decor to travel with the florals—such as vases, linens, and table settings—to ensure a cohesive look. Richard also suggests pertaining to florals which will enhance the marriage party’s look (think botanical jewelry, floral clutches, lapel flowers, floral bow ties, and classic boutonnieres). an honest florist can even suggest a bouquet which will best complement a marriage dress’ silhouette, Richard says.
If you would like to form a press release, invite their recommendations on that, too. “[A florist can] create eye-catching statement pieces or add thoughtful floral touches in unexpected places, which may anchor an unforgettable memory of your big day and transform the design and feel of your event,” Richard says.

  1. Does one provide other decorative items?

In addition to wedding flowers, some florists also provide other decorative items for the marriage day, like vases, table runners, backdrops, mirrors, lanterns, and candle holders. It’s often easier to possess the florist lookout of all those additional items. If they are doing have them, ask what they cost. If they do not offer them as a part of their service, they could be ready to recommend someone who does.

  1. How does one suggest we maximize our budget?

Top 9 questions for wedding flowers guide

A good florist can advise you and your partner on the way to make the foremost out of your floral budget. as an example , flowers that are out of season on your wedding date could be costlier , and therefore the florist, Richard says, can suggest something similar which will help maximize your budget while achieving an identical look. Be upfront about what you’re budgeting and be hospitable their suggestions.

  1. What are your rates?

Getting into the nitty-gritty details, like pricing, fees, and refund policy, is important. Ask how they charge (package, flat fee, per item, etc.) and if they require a minimum floral budget. Also, ask about additional costs—which can quickly add up—such as delivery fees, setup fees, and breakdown fees. If they provide packages, be clear on what’s included and not included within the quoted price.

If you would like additional services, like mock-ups, fresh flowers added to your bridecake, or preserving the bridal bouquet after the marriage, this is often an honest time to bring it up. Ask if this is often a service they provide , and if so, what the extra cost would be.

  1. What are the day-of logistics?

Covering the logistics isn’t as fun as discussing the flower designs themselves, but it’s equally as important.

Don’t be afraid to ask all of your important questions, like how far beforehand they’ll create the arrangements and bouquets, also as how they’ll be stored and transported to the marriage venue. If the florist works with a team, you’ll also ask if they’ll be arranging the designs themselves or if they’ll have another florist creating them. Lastly, determine if they’re going to take the reins when it involves communicating together with your venue regarding their policies and installation.

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