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Top 7 Tips for Adventure Hikers – Guide

Hiking Advice Article

16 Apr 2019

Adventure Hikers Guide

If you are looking forward to get some exercise and integration with the nature at the same time then here we are to tell you the secret activity to get the best of both: hiking. Yes hiking is that amazing activity that can help you with all that you need for fun and adventure.

This is a therapeutic way of expelling your negative energies and brining in positive energies. However, if you do are not properly prepared for the hiking trip, and it is your first time as well, chances are that you could get in some trouble without knowing. So here we have brought to you some effective tips that will make hiking more fun and more excitement for you.

Top 7 Tips for Adventure Hikers
photo courtesy of Bram Thapa

Beginner’s guide for hiking

To make things easier and better on trial, here are the Do’s and Don’ts that will make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Do your research better

The first thing to do after you have decided to go for a hiking trip is to do your research well and plan what you have to do. You can research for the best places to hike and look for the treks that you go to. Some of the most famous spots for trekking include the Everest base camp trek and Gokyo lakes trek where a lot of people go all the year to explore the snowy summits of Himalaya. Also there are mountain trails and tracks where people go to hike in different parts of the world. You can explore the internet, read the blogs and watch the documentaries online to know what hiking feels like are the best places to go for it. There are several groups and communities made for it as well, that you can join and start exploring the world.

  • Plan ahead of time

You should understand that behind every successful hike, there is some intensive planning involved that helps you enjoy your trip. There are so many things that you will have to consider at the time of trip, the first is the finances that you will have to think about at the time of planning.

You will have to get the map of the place, consider the gear that you will need for the hiking and the finances that you will need for stay and food. You will also have to make the reservations in the hotels in advance to save the last moment rush. Once you have planned everything, the next thing is to collect all the items and start packing for it. Planning the hiking trip with some experienced friend would be also an amazing thing to do.

  • The safety first aid

When you are going for the hiking trip, it is natural to expect small injuries, so make sure that you have packed the first aid kit well that has all the important medicines and bandages along with a small knife and a hand sanitizer that you would use before handling any food. Also get the knowledge of using the first aid kit beforehand so you will not have to hassle with the things at the time of trouble. All that you are taking along, you should know how to use it as well.

  • Keep the first hike short

Now that you are out for the hiking trip on the treks, there is no need to rush to the extremes. You sure won’t be trekking in Nepal on the heights of the peaks, rather you should try the simple and easy trek at first and then gradually move on to the tougher ones. Going on hike on the short and easy treks will give you the confidence to hike, will help you know the gear you need and the weather that is favorable to plan your next hiking trip.

  • Get an experienced hiking partner

After getting all the necessary information regarding the hiking and the hiking trip, you still won’t be practically experienced to know how it feels to be on the real trek. So convincing an experienced friends, who can tell you all about trekking practically, would prove to be something really fruitful that you should look forward to. Also a single person is always alone and two make a good company. You can explore things better with your friend, encourage each other to hike more and make some really beautiful memories together. In fact, many people choose to bring children to hiking trips with them as a way to bond as a family and teach their children the skills used to go on such a trip. Starting children early on trips like this can help them to become an expert in the future!

  • Stick to the plan and avoid pitfalls

While you are hiking, you are very close to the nature and a lot of things will attract you during your trip. But there is no need to go on trying everything in your first hike. Do not eat food and animals without having proper knowledge of them and do not follow some new trail as you hike. Stick to the plan that you have made initially and focus on the goal where you have to reach. Once you get the confidence in hiking and exploration, you can explore the world and the secrets it has.

  • Show respect

When you are hiking, you won’t only be in close interaction with nature, but you would also be interacting with the other hikers on the trail. Respect is the first thing for everyone else so make sure that you are not disturbing the others on the trek.

Respect their pace and peace. Do not feed the wildlife on your way and do not through garbage on every place in your way. Give way to the other hikers and do not forget to smile and interact cheerfully.

These are the essentials for your first hiking trip that you will have to consider before you go. The more you will be informed, the better you would be prepared for the hike and the more enjoyable would your trip be.

We hope that a couple of tips that you have gathered from this post will make your hiking experience better and will make you enjoy your trip more. The best thing to do is to focus on a cheerful hike and know the basics, the rest you would learn with time.

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