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Top Architectural Trends of 2021

3 Apr 2021

People will remember 2020 for many reasons. That year is a game changer for many industries. The Covid-19 pandemic has paved the ways the world functions. It sets some ideologies regarding how the world should continue in the future. In a similar way, it also shaped the architectural industry. Today, we will discuss some major trends of architecture that will possibly rule in the coming days.

The new trend is to make homes ready for serving multipurpose. During the lockdown, people realized that most modern homes are not built for accommodating a family’s presence 24×7. In those days, children were playing inside the house and at the same time adults were working from home. So, that mixture creates the complain of homes getting impractical and too crowded.

If you look closely, it was not about privacy, it was about the system. There was not enough and adequate setup for individual work or study. It was so common among the residents that they were trying to work on the couch where the children intended to play. After facing these types of distractions, now the architect’s prime job is to design everything differently so that everyone can do their work together comfortably. The idea of open floor-plans will be less popular in the coming days. The demand of separate home offices, studies, games room will be uprising in the next few years at least.

Top 5 Architectural Trends of 2021

You cannot ignore the enjoyment of a public gathering in a public place. There were a number of smart cities project on the rise. Those projects come to a standstill now. You know those places were designed to connect people; they are really helpful for a society in the long run. So, with the spread of Covid-19, our traditional park or sports ground need a quick renovation now.

We saw the shutdown of many workplaces last year due to the pandemic. The offices were closed, but the projects were not. The idea of remote working became popular around the world. Our regular desk-based offices are not healthy anymore. Many companies are keeping their employees remote, so the structure of our traditional offices will be changed in the coming days. The necessity of personal desks in an office will be vanished. They will need to modify their previous spaces to accommodate smaller on-site teams which will cooperate with the remote colleagues. Many companies will redesign their offices and they will only require a conference room with multiple big screens and wi-fi smoke detector for presentations and meetings.

Finally, minimalism is back in town. We have seen enough of half brick thick parapets and huge concrete framings. Since last year, minimalism has been trending around the globe. It is a treat for the creative minds. If we look at the present construct typologies, we see many architects are suggesting only the basics of the design. The good news is the clients also love these ideas of minimalism.

Cleanliness is the new normal. The architects are trying their best to prioritize health via design and the clients are welcoming this. The pandemic has made people more conscious regarding health risks. We saw a lot of solutions but most of them were temporary as nobody expected something like Covid-19. Thus, the demand for long-term solutions becomes trendy. The task of the architectures is to incorporate more and more mitigation features such as- natural ventilation, sanitization checkpoints, etc. They are also implementing the ideas of anti-microbial materials, social distance incentivizing layouts, etc. as well.

In short, these ideas will shape the architecture industry in the days to come. Whether we like it or not, they are implemented for the betterment of the people.

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