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Roofing Contractors Suggest These Five Tips for Spring Prep

7 Apr 2021

Winter seems to drag on forever, and then all of a sudden, spring is upon you. Unfortunately, most contractors find that people’s homes are hardly ready for Mother Nature’s change of pace. This roofing contractor suggests these five tips are necessary to make sure your house is prepared for spring.

Roofing contractors suggest 5 tips for spring prep

Roof Inspection

Following the winter weather, hiring a professional to evaluate the state of your roof is necessary. Cold and snowy weather will damage your roofing material and weaken the protection from spring elements. A licensed inspector walking on your home will ensure any potential damage is identified. Even the most minor problem can become prominent when the temperature changes. It would be best if you considered having an inspection following any significant climate change, such as the end of winter and summer.

Clean the Debris

Before hiring an inspector to examine your roof, you will want to have it cleaned of debris. Remove all twigs, dirt, and other debris from your gutters and downspouts. Clutter will clog up your drainage system and cause water to sit on your roof. If you have evergreens around your home, make sure they are not dropping needles into your drains.

Remove Nests

You will want to keep a constant eye on your gutters and roof for bird nests or other messes animals leave behind. During the winter, creatures are constantly looking for warmth, causing them to burrow in your roof. It is also essential to ensure nests are removed before animals have babies calling your house their home. After the babies are born, they will become very territorial and dangerous.

Evaluate Nearby Areas

Your roof protects your home, but other areas near your home may cause other hazards. Have a tree trimmer scale limbs back that hang over your roof. These branches can damage your shingles when the wind blows or create holes if they break off. A roofing contractor can help you look for potential dangers to your roof and preventative steps you can take.

Re-Seal the Roof

During the cold months, your home will contract. However, moisture that sits on the home will freeze and cause areas to expand. These gaps allow water to leak into the house. You will want to have a roofing contractor examine your home for areas that need new shingles and what needs re-sealed for optimum protection from the elements. It is ideal to know what the warranty is on your roof before hiring a contractor. Your roof may only be covered if you keep up on the maintenance. When in doubt, contact the contractor who installed your roof to determine what they offer for damages covered by warranty.

Owning a home is an investment that needs protecting. Taking a few steps after the harsh winter will prevent most issues that arise during the hot, summer months. A well-maintained roof can last decades. However, it is your responsibility to work with a roofing contractor to take the necessary steps to keep it in tip-top condition.

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