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Tips to paint the interior of your house

20 Feb 2020

Tips to paint the interior of your house

Interior Home Painting Guide

We offer you a few tips to paint the interior of your house, with which you can deal with it without any stress and doubts. Spring and summer are two of those seasons of the year where good weather is usually used for tasks such as painting the house.

Selecting the material, the colors and everything related to decorating and fine-tuning our home is essential to complete the task successfully. So that none of the above is a problem for you, we offer a few tips to paint the interior of your home, with which you can deal with such work without any problems.

If you are going to paint all the rooms in the house, first you need to decide which one to start with. Keep in mind that the less things there are in the room, the easier it will be to do the job, because you can move freely. Plan in what order you are going to paint them and how you can move some furniture from one to another. Get a free weekend or day off to start and finish the task without problems.

It is also advisable to check the weather forecast and choose days when the weather will be nice and it will not rain. The best time to paint is when it’s warm, which will help the paint to dry fast. When you decided which rooms in your house you are going to paint, you will have to choose the color of the walls. Always keep in mind that the color of the applied paint darkens once it dries.

If you have never painted walls or if they are in poor condition, it is advisable to choose light tones, since they better hide imperfections. The light bounces on them, which increases the brightness making the room seem optically larger. The dark tones will not give you a problem if you are used to painting and if the rooms have a lot of natural light.

Rooms facing north are usually darker, so it is advisable to use light colors in them, while in those facing south or east you can choose more daring and groundbreaking colors.

Choosing the paint

You can choose between gloss, satin or matt paint, but you have to keep in mind that bright colors are only suitable for walls that are in an excellent condition. If you choose a gloss paint, and the room will have furniture finished glossy, think about whether it will be a good combination. The satin paint is easy to clean and is very resistant, in addition to its slight brightness brings more light. It is advisable for corridors and children’s rooms. Matte paint is the one you should choose whenever the wall is not perfect, because its covering power is excellent. In addition, it is ideal for painting bedrooms and living rooms.

Selecting material

If you buy high quality brushes and rollers, you will not only make them last longer but also prevent them from releasing hairs or leaving sticks or traces on the walls, which would end up spoiling your work. For the central areas of the walls and for the ceilings, you need fiber rollers with an aluminum telescopic handle. For small corners of doors and edges you will have to use corner brushes.

Protect the environment

It is essential to protect the environment when painting. It is worth spending a good amount of time to secure furniture, plugs, sockets and frames. Use the painting tape and painting foil to cover the furniture and the floor. Remember to remove the tape before the paint dries completely, otherwise you may tear the paint layer down.

The article was prepared in cooperation with IGNAS LIMITED – painters and decorators in London.

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Tips to paint the interior of your house
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