Tips to make hitting the trails easy

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Tips To Make Hitting The Trails as Easy as Possible

10 Nov 2022

Tips to make hitting the trails easy

Bike riding can be one of the greatest leisure activities that you can go for. The amazing wind and the great view are something nobody wants to miss, and if you are someone who rides bikes a lot, you know the fun is unrivaled.

But just like every outdoor activity, you should take precautions when you go bike riding. This may involve having a few tips and tricks in your pocket that can come in handy in times of need! Hence, read this article as we outline tips to make hitting the trails as easy as possible.

1. Pick Beginner-Friendly Bike Trail

For your first bike ride, you don’t need special bike trail shoes or equipment if you’re going on a normal bike path that isn’t overly technical.

Your smooth bike shoes could feel less sturdy when you start to navigate more challenging terrain. Particular trail biking shoes can help with that. Deep grooves on the soles of trail biking shoes may help you maintain traction on slippery surfaces.

Overall, shoe performance and fit are extremely individualized; it is impossible to choose a single pair of trail biking shoes that would be the ideal option for everyone.

You can find out what kind of shoe is most comfortable for you before you go on the ultimate trail biking journey. The ideal place to shop for running shoes is a specialty running or outdoor gear store before you go on hitting the trails – see

2. Start Off Hitting the Trails Slowly

There are many different types of trails, some far more difficult than others, ranging from slick, boulder-strewn single-track to flat gravel paths on mountain ridges. Because of this, it’s crucial to begin gradually, by going for shorter distances as well as easier trails.

It’s also important to understand that a significant portion of trail biking involves trekking to some extent; you won’t be biking at a high pace all the time. So, based on personal experience, if you want to walk, try not to be too hard on yourself!

On trail courses, you’ll experience both difficult, flowing descents and gradual, steep ascents that call for hiking, so your pace may vary greatly. Hence, when you are hitting off the trails with your bike, be easy about the pace.

3. Fix Your Destination

Picking a familiar location to start trail biking, such as a nearby biking trail route, is the simplest strategy.

Start locally and use that as your starting point, either with a friend or alone. You can keep going down the same path and explore new areas as your confidence grows.

Additionally, take initiative; you don’t want to find yourself alone on a strange trail, especially when your phone’s battery fails. A physical map is therefore required for navigation purposes.

4. Hitting the Trail With a Friend

Finding a friend for trail biking who is familiar with the region is among the best methods for a beginner to explore new routes.

You can find a trailing buddy if you don’t feel at ease being by yourself. You can ask at your neighborhood running store or discover biking buddies through social media platforms or even local biking organizations.

As an alternative, you can also participate in a local trail-biking competition. and have the chance to meet other trail bikers as well. Hence, hitting the trails with a friend can be a great tip to keep in mind.

5. Get Terrain-Specific Training

It is important to train for trail biking, as getting your body ready along with having to balance your bike for uneven terrain and elevation changes beforehand might make biking more enjoyable.

Additionally, strength training is quite useful. Exercises for the lower body can help build the muscular endurance needed for a longer biking experience over challenging terrain.

Another important distinction between trails and highways is ankle strength, which you can also develop. You can build your ankle strength and boost mobility to get them acclimated to moving up and down as well as right and left, and you can also use a band to make this exercise easier for you.

This is crucial since the terrain constantly affects how your bike and having to keep a grip on your bike while riding the uneven terrains can be difficult.

6. Adhere To Proper Trail Etiquette

It is important that while you are hitting the trails you are maintaining the proper trail etiquette relating to biking on the trail. “Leave No Trace” principles should be followed by trail bikers as well as all other trail users.

Among the most crucial things for trail bikers and runners to remember is to resist the urge to skip switchbacks and stay on the course.

Additionally, you should be sure to take all of the unnecessary things out with you while you are leaving the trail, as leaving garbage behind while trailing may ruin the beauty of the trail path altogether.

You can bring a spare Ziploc bag with you while you’re out for a long run so that you can put all the excess material with you in that bag and enjoy trail biking.

Tips to make hitting the trails easy Conclusion

Trail biking can often be an adventurous and fun activity for everyone. And even if hitting the trails is fun, there are certain things you should keep in mind before embarking on this activity.

We hope that you were able to get a proper idea of what tips and tricks you should be keeping in mind when you are hitting the trails, as we have provided tips to make hitting the trails as easy as possible.

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