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Tips for Taking Care of a Rental Property

22 December 2023

Tips for taking care of a rental property

Every renter should treat their rental property as if it were their own home. That means putting in the same level of care to ensure that it’s in pristine condition and taking all the necessary steps to prevent it from taking on any major damages (the benefits of tenant insurance can save you in that regard!). Here are some tips to help you take care of the space you’re renting:

Know Your Responsibilities

Speak with your landlord to determine what falls under your responsibility as a tenant. Usually, this involves things like landscaping, replacing locks, or changing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters. Any additional expenses, like having the internet installed, may also be on you.

Clean Regularly

Remember that your rental property is your own home–no one else is going to keep it tidy for you! Be sure to regularly clean the different areas, paying attention to often overlooked aspects like appliances and tools. Check for things like mildew, mold, and calcium buildup around the place, as well. Be sure that your HVAC systems are working and that any issues that could grow into major home problems are proactively resolved.

Follow the Rules

Aside from the stipulations on your tenant’s agreement, you may also have to follow rules and regulations set by your homeowners’ association or property manager. These may concern allowing pets in and around the area or limits to how you can change the space (e.g. renovations, paint jobs, etc.). Make sure to stay updated on these and to abide by them–otherwise, you might find yourself paying hefty fines or getting your landlord in trouble.

Involve Your Landlord

While you don’t have to bring up every little thing to your landlord, it’s good to inform them when there are major maintenance issues or property concerns that arise. They’ll appreciate your commitment to taking care of their space, and they’ll likely be the best people to turn to get a problem solved.

Get Tenant Insurance

Tenant insurance is a type of policy that is designed to protect the property of renters in a leased property. Most landlords will have their own plan, one that covers their space or the overall property.

Condos, for example, have common area insurance, a policy that protects the entire building, from the fixtures (elevators, roofs, windows, etc.) to common areas, and keeps residents safe from dangerous situations, like falling debris. These types of policies typically won’t cover your personal belongings or other related expenses you may have to shoulder in relation to the property.

Final Thoughts

As a renter, it’s your duty to maintain the condition of your rented space. Keeping it pristine will not only benefit your landlord, but will make your day-to-day much more pleasant, too!

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