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The Best Kitchen Appliances For Healthy Cooking

7 July 2020

The Best Kitchen Appliances For Healthy Cooking Guide

A healthy meal not only aligns with the kind of ingredients included but also from the ways it is prepared. And while you must be ensuring working with all the critical prerequisites, you might miss out on the glitch—coming along with not using the right tools.

This article put together a list of some valuable kitchen appliances that allow you to prepare healthy meals within no time. They work efficiently and are worth every penny.

Instant Pot

This multipurpose cooker serves you with almost all the different cooking styles. Instant pot stands to beat every other appliance when it comes to fast cooking. Along with this instant cooking feature, it works to retain more nutrients during the process.

And this is the very reason why instant pots are making a space in every kitchen today. Thus, if you’re often packed with a hectic routine, stuffing all the junk food, instant pot can be the best deal—serving you with quick, nutritious meals.


Want to treat your taste buds with different fresh, flavourful juices packed with all the essential nutrients? Then look no further than the low-speed cold press juicer. Juicing everything from fruits and veggies to wheatgrass and other leafy vegetables low-speed cold press juicers can be an ideal investment for your culinary needs.

Besides this, the juicers also come with attachments to prepare baby food, milk, butter, and sorbets. So now, you don’t have to rush dealing with all the mess to get things done.

Smart oven

Smart ovens are setting a whole new trend in the market. These miniature ovens are more compatible to fit even in the small spaces of your countertop.

Featuring only a quarter of space to heat, it enables fast heating, eventually leading to less energy consumption. Furthermore, it distributes the heat equally throughout the interiors.

Moreover, it comes with more accurate temperature settings pairing a suitable temperature for proper cooking. Hence, with a smart oven, you can now ace preparing all your favorite delicacies.

Silicone basting brushes

Do you often end up overdoing butter or oil while cooking?

Food brushes are the best way to avoid this unhealthy routine. They allow you to put only the required amount of any add ons and brush off the excess.

However, ensure getting them in a variety of colors.

Plus, designate one of a specific color for foods that are more prone to the risk of foodborne infection or diseases. This will help you maintain all your health that you gain, snubbing off the extra calories from your food.

Good Grips Salad Spinner

Do you often miss out on picking leafy greens from the store just to avoid the hassle lining up with washing, cleaning, and drying the vegetables?

Then the salad spinner can probably be your savior, fetching you the vital nutrients.

With this easy to use spinner, you won’t have to spend hours cleaning and dry patting your greens. And this might probably encourage you to strive towards consuming more green vegetables.

So now, instead of spending a significant chunk of your savings on pricey bagged salads, you can prepare our own servings.

Air Fryer

Compromising with all your favorite food for the sake of attaining good health shall never be on your list. With an air fryer, you can fry, grill, bake, and roast a whole variety of food items. And you, the best part is that you only need a tablespoon of oil or less to cook any of your meals!

So, on average, you’ll be consuming near about 70% less fat than you would while using conventional methods.

Hence, no doubt, air fryers are the healthiest way to prepare all those fries and hamburgers that were earlier taking a toll on your health. More so, it is easy to use and clean.

Smart stick immersion blenders

Pinnacling all the conventional varieties of blenders, immersion blenders stand as one of the versatile and powerful kitchen appliances.

This portable, compact tool, allows you to blend right in your container or pan easily. Thus, saving you from the extra mess to clean up.

You can use it for all those creamy smoothies, sauces, hummus, pesto, and vegetable soups. This high-powered machine brings you all the power while easing your tasks.

Electric Hot Pot

If you’re always conscious about what you eat wherever you go around, then the electric hot pot can be your best travel companion. You can steam eggs, boil water, or cook noodles with this smart kitchen appliance.

It is convenient to carry, plus cooks easily, even without a kitchen room or no natural gas. And due to its lightweight and small size, it’ll perfectly fit in your carry bag. Hence, no extra weight to pull on during your venture.

Food steamer

Food steamers have always been essential kitchen appliances buzzing around the corner. With the innovative designs and large capacity, they work ideally to steam a full meal instantly.

Steaming tends to keep in the flavors and nutrients of your food. And thus, serve you with savory dishes filled with all the aroma and taste.

Also, with double tiers food steamers, you can steam multiple foods at a time. Hence you can treat you

Classic Zester/ Grater

Zesters are the perfect tool designed with a specific tooth set— working on getting the flavorful rind directly off the citrus fruits and leaving the white pith behind. Using a zester, you can add flavors to your food, be it vinaigrettes, stir-fries, salads, or any baked items. More so, it is easy to clean and store.


Have you started with a new diet plan and bound with several food restrictions? No worries! A spiralizer is all you need to prepare all your favorite meals concerning your dietary requirements.

So, even if you’re on a vegan/ low-carb/ gluten-free/keto/ paleo diet, you won’t have to compromise with boring grubs. With a spiralizer, you can always make healthy gourmet meals at the comfort of your home.

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