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Take action to save our planet

1 November 2021

Today, climate change is one of the serious issues facing mankind. Climate change is not a phenomenon that occurred on its own accord, Rather it was caused by humans. In the pursuit of greed, humans kept on exploiting the environment for their own interest. It was only later when many environmental-related problems started appearing, then finally our eyes opened to the gravity of the problem.

Despite knowing the problems and causes of the problems, we have not been proactive in the resolution and prevention of these problems.

Take action to save our planet guide

Take action to save our planet advice

Today, it is the need of the hour to prevent these problems from getting worse. Even everyone takes small actions towards the betterment of the environment, a lot can happen in reality.

It is the need of the hour for everyone that we get together and take steps towards making this planet a better place to live for our coming generation while ensuring that they inherit a good and healthy environment, rather than inheriting the toxic and polluted environment.

  1. Conserve water

You might think it is such a small task to save the whole planet. But it can make the whole difference if everyone starts to save drop by drop. You may not be aware, but while you perform your ablution, most of us, keep the tap open, allowing the water to flow. If we are a little conscious we can save a ton of water. Also, use only tap water to drink in, avoid using the bottled water, this way you will not contribute plastic into the environment.

  1. Walk or use the public transportation

Today, everyone has their own vehicle. Because of this, cities are flooded with the lots of traffic. Higher number of vehicles contribute also contribute higher amount of the pollution in the environment. If even, the distance is less, people prefer to use their vehicle, instead of walking.

  1. Reduce, recycle, reuse

It is imperative that we are dependent on certain things. However, we can reduce the use of the those things that are directly harmful to the environment. As small as throwing the plastic bottle can in dust bin can make really a huge difference. Whenever we go for shopping, we can use the reusable and recyclable bags insteading of using the plastics. If everyone starts doing that, things can really become well. Avoid using the disposable spoon, glass, plates etc.

  1. Think of converting the composite

Whatever, we thow on dumping yards, they end up in the landfill, creating the more pollution. However, if you use the trash generated by you to make it the compost, it will be really helpful for the environment. As compost can act as natural fertiliser. Devise the ways of converting the garbage into the natural compost. This simple activity will do a great favour to the environment. You can take the help of the Lesso environment protection to convert your trash into the composite.

  1. Switch to LEDs

If you are using the bulbs that are without the LEDs, they not only consume the more energy but also they are hard to dispose of. This is the reason that you can switch to the LEDs that are super energy-efficient. However they might be a little expensive but they are worth more than the other kinds of bulb when it comes to saving the environment.

  1. Eat sustainable food

Do you know that large scale food production is tha cause of the 25% food production. This is the reason that you need to consume the food that is sustainable as well as less harmful to the environment. You can take a small step of eating food produced by the local farmers such as fruits, vegetable, wheat. This will not only help the farmer but also it will help the environment. Avoid eating the processed food as red meat and packaged food that generate lots of the harmful emission.

  1. Plant trees

Since global warming is on the rise, the temperature of the earth is getting increased by the day. Earth is getting filled with the Carbo di oxide gas. We humans on the other hand are busy in the cutting the trees. We can take as small step as planting a tree, in no time, things can become better. The earth can become all greener.

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