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Stipple Ceiling Repair in Toronto

10 Apr 2021

With the real estate market the way it is and the COVID-19 Pandemic raging, folks are having a hard time finding reliable contractors to do smaller jobs. One in particular is the repair of Drywall and plaster and popcorn ceiling texture, specifically. If you’ve had a floor or a leak over the winter months and you’ve finally had the the roofing contractor check the integrity of th3 roofing system and he confirms everything is now fine, you’re now ready to have the interior fixed… but who is willing to take on such a small job.

The handyman says it’s too big of a job and can’t match the stipple, the Drywall contractor says he can maybe squeeze it in on Friday (and doesn’t show u) or says it’s too small a job for him

This leaves you stuck in the middle, wondering who to call.

Stipple ceiling repair in Toronto

Toronto Popcorn Ceiling Repair

PatchBoyz Specializes in Drywall repair and can help you with your Toronto Popcorn Ceiling Repair. Note: It’s also (correctly) referred to Stipple Ceiling Repair

Construction and the trades are littered with false promises and disorganization leading to client frustration. PatchBoyz uses top of the line estimating and dispatching software to make the client’s life easier. It’s as simple as emailing over some pictures of the damaged popcorn ceiling and getting a call from PatchBoyz to collect a few pieces of information. You can then expect a quote within 6 hours and if things seem good, you’re able to sign the quote online and get the earliest available booking time.

You will get notification reminders the evening of as well as the morning of, letting you know how to prepare and how to pay. You also get a text notification with a picture of your technician once he or she is on the way. These are just a few of the many things that have made PatchBoyz Toronto’s preferred company when it comes to Drywall Repair, whether this be on flat walls or ceilings or stipple ceilings. If it’s drywall or plaster and it’s in Toronto, these guys have got your back. They get you fixed up and they do it with a smile.

One client recalls her experience with the company for us as follows:

“I was so amazed with the stellar communication. The gentleman was on his phone quite a bit, following a checklist for the work. It was clear that he knew what he was doing but showed me a checklist of items he had to go through to be able to finally mark the job as complete. The first thing on the list was actually to ask me what sink I wanted his to wash his tools and grab water from. I thought this was very professional as I am quite particular about keeping my powder room clean and wanted him to use the laundry sink in the basement. It was clear that they knew what they were doing and had a system for keeping clients happy and complaints to a minimum. You could say they were like a well lubricated machine that had learned from trial and error and built a system from their experiences.” Said Mrs. G

The owners, two brothers have decades of drywalling and taping experience and are looking to help home-owners with smaller repairs that are currently being ignored by other contractors. They explained that just because the project is smaller and there is less to be made, it doesn’t make it less important. “The key is volume in order to make it a viable business.” Said one of the brothers.

After asking the brothers if they could give us a breakdown of how they repair popcorn ceilings in the Toronto GTA area, they gave a brief outline of how the work is executed. The mentioned that some details were left out, in order to not bore the reader and that the operations manual is much more detailed. Here is what we received from them:

Thank you for your questions. The process is quite simple for us really. I suppose that’s because we do it every day. We lay down our plastic and build a containment from the ceiling to the wall. We have to scrape a large perimeter around the exisitng damage as you need to be able to run your trowel on a smooth surface. We then repair or replace the drywall, depending on the condition that caused the damage in the first place.

We add our tape of Self Levelling Fibafuse and then add our three coats of mud. This isn’t regular drywall compound. It is an admixture that is engineered for quick hardening. On a second visit, the patch is ready for sanding and priming. We then spray our texture and paint over that and make additional touches as required. The equipment and practice is what makes the final product. And we’ve had a lot of practice” said the brothers.

If you’ve been looking for a smaller drywall contractor to help with some drywall work in your home or business and haven’t had much luck due to the small nature of your job, try giving PatchBoyz a try. They can be found on google.

Good luck with you projects and thanks for reading.

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