Steps to buy a home in Dunnington, Yorkshire small village home, Northern England property advice

Steps to Buy a Home in Dunnington York, UK

8 September 2022

Buying a home or other property in Dunnington York, UK is a lifetime decision, meaning you have to take your time. When you buy a house to settle in the UK, many places should come to mind. Dunnington is one of the best places in the UK to own property.

So, where do you start when buying property in the UK? Here we look at some of the steps you want to take when purchasing property in Dunnington.

Steps to Buy a Home in Dunnington York, Northern England

Steps to buy a home in Dunnington, York, England

Step #1 – Find the property

The first step to buying property in Dunnington and other locations in the UK is to find the property you want to buy first. Find out the amount you can afford when you intend to buy a house. You want to ensure all your finances are ready before searching for property in Dunnington.

Find out if there are any mortgage lenders you can reach out to and how much it will cost for monthly mortgage payments. You should also find out the interest rate on the mortgage. Check your credit score when approaching a mortgage lender because it will determine how much you qualify for a mortgage.

Step #2 – Make and get an offer

Once you have identified the property you want to buy, you should make an offer. You make an offer through the estate agent. If you are buying, you don’t have to pay an estate agent to help you find a property.

You will only pay an estate agent if you are selling your property. In most cases, how much you pay when selling a property will range from 0.5% to 3%, plus VAT.

Step #3 – Arrange for a property solicitor

Once a property seller accepts your offer, you should look for a top conveyancing  lawyer in York. The conveyancing process will involve a lot of things like searches and transfers. A surveyor will help you uncover all the issues in the property that may determine how much you pay for the property.

Your property solicitor will handle all the legal aspects of the conveyancing. They will ask you to make a fixed legal fee payment before starting to work. An upfront deposit is usually 10% of the fee you meet when conveyancing.

Your surveyor or the property solicitor will submit searches to the local council to check whether local issues are likely to affect the value of the property you buy.

Step #4 – Finalize the offer

Once your conveyancer or surveyor is done with the searches, you should get back to negotiate the price. This is vital because the mortgage lender may value the property you want to buy at a lower price forcing you to negotiate with the seller. Also, the search findings can lower the price of the property.

This stage is the most stressful because the mortgage lender may reject your application in case of negative search findings. The seller may also decide to withdraw the property from the market or accept a higher offer from another seller.

Step #5 – Exchange of contracts and completion

In case there are no issues in the search, you should be able to exchange contracts with the property seller and proceed to complete the sale. However, before signing the contract, you should go through it and ask your solicitor to clarify parts of the contract you don’t understand. Make sure to address all questions before you agree on a completion date.

Steps to buy a home in Dunnington, York – Final Thoughts

Buying property in Dunnington, UK, should not be that difficult if you have a conveyancer or property solicitor. Reach out to a qualified property solicitor to speed up the conveyancing process when buying property in Dunnington.

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