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Skylights for commercial buildings

27 January 2023

Skylights for commercial buildings guide
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Are Skylights a Good Idea for Commercial Buildings?

Designing a commercial building can be tricky. They must strike a perfect balance between form and function. They must be practical and accessible while still being inviting and engaging for both staff and customers.

Skylights are a popular interior design choice and create an interesting visual appearance. However, are they a good idea for commercial buildings? Can they be integrated with electric window openers? Keep reading to find out.

Skylights for commercial buildings – Design Aspects

What are Skylights?

A skylight is simply a window that is installed horizontally on the roof of a building, rather than vertically at the sides like traditional windows. Skylights were popularised by the ancient Romans and have been used in buildings around the world ever since.

Pros of Skylights

There are numerous benefits you can see from installing a skylight. They let in a lot more natural light, which has been proven to offer us a range of both physical and mental health benefits. Extra light in an interior space can also make it appear larger and more spacious, perfect if you are looking to make the most of the space available to you. Additionally, this extra light can help you save on energy bills, allowing you to leave the lights off during the day.

Cons of Skylights

Skylights do come with certain disadvantages. Their positioning and placement can make them difficult to range, often requiring a window pole or a ladder to open and close. For the same reason, they can be difficult to keep clean as well. In the winter, skylights can let a lot of heat escape, which may offset the energy cost savings you see from the extra light they bring in.

Are Skylights Suitable for Commercial Buildings?

If you are considering installing a skylight on your commercial building, you will need to carefully weigh up the pros and cons. Their visual appearance and the extra daylight they bring can really brighten up a commercial space and make it far more appealing to both staff and customers.

Their apparent impracticalities may lead you to believe that they are ultimately unsuitable for commercial buildings, but there is a way to make them more practical and accessible. By integrating them with electric window technology, you can eliminate some of the logistical issues that often come with skylights. Rather than having to scale a ladder or use a pole to open your skylight, electric window technology allows you to open and close them remotely from wherever you are.


Skylights can offer some incredible benefits, but they do also come with some unique drawbacks. They can let in a lot more natural light and improve the visual appeal of your commercial space.

Their inaccessibility and impracticality is often a major discouraging factor for those considering installing a skylight. However, these issues can be solved through integration with electric window opener technology. Doing so can make skylights far more straightforward to use and they can be a fantastic idea for your commercial building.

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