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Review: SunSetter Awnings – Behind the Curtains

16 Sep 2019

In terms of retractable awnings for a patio or deck, there only are 2 choices at your disposal. Sun Setter awnings being the first of them, and then there is everybody else.

At this moment, even though Sunsetter has simply cornered the market on awnings as well as canopies for residential consumers, it is still very possible to get an amazing price on the product you are aiming for.

All you have got to know is where you have to go, & you can grab a few hundred bucks off of an entirely new awning. However, we’d dive into that secret in a moment (so keep on reading).

At first, I simply wanted to discuss some facts you have to search for when you are doing a bit of comparison shopping for your retractable awning. In the starting of this review, I stated that the term Sun Setter basically has grown very synonymous with retractable awnings. It is like asking for a Kleenex now, while all you need is a simple old tissue.

If you’ve got interest in more reviews of this sort, I extremely suggest you pay a visit to: However, in terms of a structure that’s about to be on your asset for years, you just don’t want any of the old tissue-sort.

Sunsetter fondly says their services would keep you as much as 20 degrees cooler compared to not having one. I believe that’s very true, & I’d try & explain why such awnings generally perform better in this case than majority of the others that you may receive from a local company or national supplier.

About all of the standards awnings are made up of fabric, called sunbrella. I’m not saying it’s a poor fabric, not at all. As a matter of fact, it comes in plenty of colors & all sorts of different patterns & usually, it works really fine. The only issue is, it does not prevent the heat — rather, it lets everything pass through straight away.

Therefore, although you are staying in the shade along with your canvas awning, or your sunbrella awning, you still don’t get much cooler, if at all. Take the words of experience in this path (me) – I was excited to purchase a home with an encompassed porch. I pictured lots of balmy summer afternoons goofing around the porch while having a cup or two of iced tea.

However, the awning was not made using heat-blocking material as that region becomes hot enough for roasting an entire chicken. And for the record, I do not like to feel like a chicken in the midst of August or July.

On the flipside, Sunsetter, makes the awnings using a material that is used by them alone. I wouldn’t get into the whole technical details regarding it, however, it sure has some specialized characters that actually helps you keep lot cooler compared to if the awning wasn’t there altogether, or if you had one of the inferior quality awnings that’s mentioned above.

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