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Real Estate in Cyprus

28 Mar 2020

Property acquisition in Cyprus has for a long time been popular among foreign investors, either as a form of investment or as an alternative residence.

Kyrenia property real estate in Cyprus

Real Estate in Cyprus Property Investment

The ease of doing business and the availability of investment incentives, plus a high quality of life and natural beauty, are elements that offer investors favorable and attractive opportunities in terms of business development and quality of life.

Historically, the real estate and construction sectors have been key pillars of the Cyprus economy. This has continued to grow in recent years, which is manifested in increased demand and activity levels; the emergence of prestigious large-scale projects and the influx and incentives for foreign investment.

The Beauty of Cyprus

Cyprus is recognized for being an ideal and unique country, making it an excellent place to live. In this country, you will find spectacular natural landscapes, picturesque towns, and very active cities. The Troodos region in the northern mountains is famous for its rich vegetation, pine trees, and vineyards. The southern part of the island has charming cities and scattered coastal towns, but also very busy business centers. In Cyprus, you will enjoy a combination of changing landscapes and settings, so depending on what you are looking for, you will have the opportunity to buy the right property in the right place.

The main reason why people decide to settle in Cyprus is the existence of a sunny climate throughout the year, which can be enjoyed on the coast of the island. Its main cities (Nicosia, Larnaca, Paphos, and Limassol), are characterized by being charismatic, cultural and wonderfully picturesque.

Likewise, each location is fabulous for its elements, such as architecture, bays, vivid culture and scenery. So regardless of whether you decide to buy a property in the mountains, in the crowded urban centers or on the coast, Cyprus is without a doubt one of the most impressive and beautiful countries in the world

Cyprus has also made tremendous progress in terms of industry, healthcare, education, banking, and technology. The premises have been developed in all sectors, but have managed to maintain their simplicity and typical nature.

Funnel House, Pafos property@
Real Estate in Cyprus - Funnel House Pafos property
photograph : M. Efthymiou

Are You Ready to Own Property?

While the idea of monthly rental income may sound appealing, are you willing to do the work necessary to achieve those returns? You will need to find tenants, make sure you have time to manage the property and be prepared to deal with any problems or breakages that may arise.

Cyprus is considered the best country to buy a property due to the great benefits offered to buyers. First, the country provides an excellent return on investment. Then, when acquiring a property, the buyer, the company or the corporate, obtain tax benefits. Also, the Property Registration Office in Cyprus offers owners a guarantee of property titles. Finally, the Republic of Cyprus grants EU passports or permanent residence permits to non-European citizens who purchase these goods. Lastly, and most importantly, property prices are incredibly low.

Real estate in Cyprus residence

Real Estate in Cyprus Conclusion

There are various companies of real estate in Cyprus with teams of experienced professionals to assist you in buying property.

Regardless of where you choose to live, the natural beauty of the islands combined with the excellent climate, safety, and rapid development are important contributing factors in deciding to purchase property in this jurisdiction.

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Cyprus Property

New Cypriot Properties

Cypriot Architecture Designs – chronological list

The Linear House, Limassol
Design: christos pavlou architecture
The Linear House, Limassol, Cyprus
photo : Creative Photo Room
Contemporary Limassol Residence

Contemporary Nicosia Residence, Nicosia
Design: christos pavlou architecture
Pool House in Nicosia Property
photos : Louca Studios, Christos Pavlou
Pool House in Nicosia

Art Collector’s House & Gallery, outskirts of Nicosia
Design: Vakis Associates – Vakis Hadjikyriacou Architect
Art Collectors House and Gallery in Nicosia
image Courtesy architecture office
Art Collector’s House & Art Gallery in Nicosia

L-House, Nicosia
Design: christos pavlou architecture
House in Nicosia - Cyprus Property News
image from architect
L-House, Nicosia, Cyprus

The funnel house, Pafos
Design: LK Architects
Funnel House Pafos property
photograph : M. Efthymiou
Pafos Property

Buying property in Paphos is a great investment

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